Again, and again, Vykas

When will we have answers regarding the launch of vykas or at least a new daily login? It sucks not having news of the content, not having the content, and you still have to wait until the new content to have a decent daily login.

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox

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I would forgive em if they release the sex skins

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I would forgive them if i could do my 1st Vykas with Johnny Sins.



It’s completely unacceptable that we don’t know if a major piece of content is dropping 2 days before a patch.

No one reasonable is going to be pissed if the planned date is delayed, shit happens, but not knowing literally a couple days before is bonkers.

What other MMO has anyone played where we don’t know if a major raid is being released 2 days before. After 20+ years of playing MMO’s, I can’t personally think of any.

Fix your communication issues AGS.

Yes… Taths very very very very very sad.

the fact that we don’t know already is your answer

Maybe. You figure they would announce it if that were the case.

If I had to guess, AGS themselves still doesn’t know… which is even more insane.

mid june bruh

AGS have no idea, but they were in korea I believe working together what? how to make more money


Its releasing mid june just be patient.