Again... Cannot connect to server due to heavy traffic[10027]

Is this how it’s going to be now?

Welcome to the club.
I can play in the mornings and evenings.
In the morning there is maintenance.
In the evening there is heavy traffic error.
So long to my crystalline aura.

signed up for this forum just to say that its the same for me…
AGS should be able to do better than this and they should have learned from their mistakes during the NW launch.
but as its evident by now, they havent.

cant believe I supported this bs with actual money.
they better have some serious reimbursement on the way.

WTF not just the Servers you play on are full and have 4-6h waiting cue, now the login server cant even get you to that SHIT 4-6h cue? comon what is this? why amazon? why? you look like a indie noob studio that got overwhelmed by to many people wanting to play your awesome game! what the shit show! every gamedev should think twice using amazon as a publisher…

and to crown it all i have to wait 5 min until lost ark shows me the AGS logo…

i dont think they care at this point

was told to just restart the game several times, eventually you will get in the queue.
tried that 20 times.
even restarted steam cause you never know.

no dice.

of course that wont work - it is not a bug, the servers are full. So much that even the queue is blocked.

Players: 18k+ queues with 5 hours+ wait time are the worst, do something, AGS
AGS: The worst? We will show you the worst enables limit on login servers. Welcome to error code 10027!

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Havent been able to get past this error for almost 5 hours now.