Again I plead for more options

Hello everyone,

In light of the recent response to the Shadowhunter changes I wanted to once again plead my case for more options instead of limitation to a single option.
My suggestion: Implement an option in the graphic settings to toggle the changes from the KR version. Since the models exist and should be stored client side (correct me if I am wrong) it would add barely any workload on the devs and should satisfy and calm down a majorty in both camps.
I understand why some changes happened and that is alright. For marketing purposes and as a general base the localised version can be used to satisfy those that want this version of the game, but a large amount of players would appreciate to at least have an option to customise their experience.
Lastly regarding the trigger for this post: The noticability of Demon form in PVP should be obvious because of the blueish aura and the change in armor and stance of the character, this is the case in other versions of the game and did not cause problems in the two years this game has been out in Korea.
I know this topic is heated and world tensions are high so please try to be respectful even though a lot of us need to vent some way right now, do not let it out at the wrong person.

Cheers and a lovely weekend to everyone.


im afraid that because of people talkin about secondary subjects, they wont focus on the biggest issues of the game. Idk why u keep making big thread like that for something that is clearly not the priority, just why do u do that ?

Could you write down a list regarding issues people should have with the game and topics they should be allowed to talk about? Thanks in advance!

its not a issue at all, its just a preference lol, and i dont have the power to stop him, stop being dramatic, its ridiculous, im just sayin that i would like to see people talkin about major issues so they focus on that

Well apparently it’s a big enough issue for you to go into a thread you don’t care about,and tell the OP that he should complain about different issues with the game. issues that you deem to be more important and therefore everyone should.

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lol what u say doesnt make anysense, are u a teenager ? “freedom ! i say whatever i want ! i dont need ur suggestion, f*** u” is that what u are kid ?

Very intelligent comment.

looks like you never watch urself

I understand that there are a lot of big gameplay challenges that need to be addressed, like the honing rates or the state of endgame, but to me and a lot of people aesthetics matter a lot and contribute to the enjoyment of the game and since I believe that the gameplay issues are being actively worked on and looked into, the aestetics get lost in the wake of the bigger picture.
Therefore I wanted to make a post pointing out an in my opinion relatively easy solution to make a chunk of the playerbase at least a little happier and relieve some build up frustration with the gameplay.

i care about aesthetic too but i said that cause i rly would like them to focus on what is important right now, all the things you said and the missing classes too. But idk about that >

is it really easy to make an aesthetic option ? they are not doing even easier changes so idk anymore what is easy or not

I have limited coding knowledge, but from what I understand the player just needs to download more textures and the devs need to add an “If” case to select which textures get loaded from the hard drive. That is why I believe it would be a relatively easy solution and could be done in between or after priority changes.
If my assumption about the coding aspect is wrong I would love to hear an actuals devs perspective on this.