Again missing items from Secret Maps

Today, I went into a legendary map in feiton in the red moonshade area, around the west part of the map. In my dungeon I didn’t obtain all 8 large life shard bags. I only obtained 6 of them and I stuck around the boss for a while to make sure all the items were looted by my pet. Is there any way to get a new secret map or chaos shards to buy another one to get the full value of the map I purchased from the winning bid?

I want to put a second bug I found a while ago. I overlooked this “not receive entire loot from a secret map” bug as the first time it occurred was in a single secret map on the first Saturday after the QOL patch. I ran a secret dungeon the old way, with each person doing their own map. One of the maps had zero items drop for me. Each other person got a bag, but I wasn’t able to obtain a bag. It was a secret dungeon in Feiton blue map.

I’m sorry to hear this has happened to you, Fiddi.

Regarding your loot, you best bet would be to contact the official Lost Ark customer support.

However, regarding your bug report, I can send it over to the development team so they can look into instances like this, what is your character name/server name?

Fiddi Avesta.

Thank you! I’ll send this over to the development team so they can take a look into this :face_with_monocle: .

Same issue… legi secret t1 map with 8 stars breath, and nothing else! Why the hell is this still an issue…