Against the nerf, but this is how I would do it

I’m against the nerf, but there is plenty of game mechanics within those that could be improved.

I’ll keep it TL:DR since nobody wants a wall of text.

Guardian Raid: Add a colored flash when it’s a stagger check. The game teaches you in regular gameplay when a stagger check occurs with a yellow/orange bar. This same colour could be added to the guardian raid when a stagger check is required. This does not add or remove any difficulty. It doesn’t show the player the actual bar. keeping the monster hunter vibe. And lastly, this will prevent player from just googling the fight to understand why they are getting killed by this ability. Lastly, blue flash should be kept for countering. I’ve noticed that if the boss is enraged, the flash changes to blue-ish purple… I shouldn’t need a colour wheel to do those. but that’s a very minor issue.

Abyss Dungeon: As far as I know, I never add any real issue with them. The only complaint I’ve noticed is that the “Tip” Message flash so quickly that we had to do the run a couple of times just to be able to read it. I think making it last a second longer, and the ability to check a box in the option to not show them would be better. It would let the player read and understand the gimmick of that particular fight. The best example I can give is during the 2nd abyss dungeon, in the second phase of it. The knight fight where you have the sword flying at you and you need to pick one up, wait for the debuff than pick another one. The message flashes so quickly, could not read it.

In short:
Guardian Raid: Yellow flash for stagger, Proper Blue flash for counter
Abyss dungeon: Longer tip messages.

I don’t think they require more tuning than this… but that’s my 2 cent.