AGS, apologizing can go long ways. That's what we need rn

You’re slowly starting to realize that the way you released Argos was the wrong way to do it

The fact that you can’t immediately fix it is understandable., but the lack of communication is not. Adjusting the roadmap isn’t fixing anything that’s currently wrong with the game. Are you going to address this issue at hand or are you just going to prevent future problems?

Whatever the case, it’s very disappointing that there hasn’t been a public apology yet (it should be in-game, too.) + reassurance that this is going to be addressed as soon as possible (if it is… hopefully it is.) and that it’s being worked on currently.

You’re losing players by the minute; for good reason.

Apologies go long ways in building trust and it ignites hope that smilegate/amazon cares for us.

We love this game and I hate to see it being handled so poorly. It’s taking way too long for you to say anything meaningful about it.

I think EU players already have a very sour taste in their mouths after being unable to play for weeks and getting no compensation. Stop giving people so many reasons to leave, cause the game is great. Thanks :slight_smile:

And please publicly apologize in-game about this situation; right now even RU/KR players are losing hope in AGS, and that’s really sad to see.

We are disappointed.

P.S.: For some reason, a few people are defending the way the game is being handled right now. Try to understand that just because you’ve been playing MMOs that treat f2p players unfairly it does not mean that this should be normalized. Lost Ark is not like this in other regions and I can guarantee you that the 1.5 milion players who bought founder’s packs did not expect this, because this is not what we signed up for. Yes, playing at your own pace and being behind in content is totally ok if you wanna do that. But don’t be hypocrites and try to put yourself in the shoes of people who want to be able to do new content as it releases. Historically, this is what Lost Ark has been. The hardest raid that’s been released yet in KR was first cleared by a team that also had f2p players. whales being a lot stronger than f2p players is fine. but f2p players being locked out of content at release is horrendous. Complaining about it is good. We love the game and we hate to see people leave because of the way it’s being handled.


Total agree AGS have tons of space for improvement and better engaging the community.

But I don’t think they own anyone an apology, especially to you OP who feel entitled for an apology.

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I couldn’t care less about their apology; it doesn’t change anything for me , I already know the game in and out and know I’ll stick with it if they fix it. And I trust they’ll fix it. But it’s taking way too long and people are leaving because of it. They screwed up. Apologizing would stop a lot of people from leaving.

Thanks for being hateful though, I guess.

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Why would an apology change anything?

It’s like asking politician to apology for mistakes instead of launch full scale investigation into the wrongdoings.

It’s not going to do anything except maybe make a few people feel better.


yes; making people feel better. If they can’t fix the issue right now, then that’s the only thing they can do right now. :slight_smile: Do you know how appreciated smilegate is for the compensation they give out & the way they apologize to KR players when they screw something up? same goes for FF14 ; and the same goes for GGG with POE (their communication is top notch). players love these games, in part, because of how they are being treated. Creating a relationship of trust with the players goes a long way. Instead of us feeling like we’re fighting with “our” company, it’s miles better to feel like they are listening to us and care about us. Doesn’t mean that they need to listen to everything the community wants, obviously. But in this case:

They screwed up. They should definitely apologize. Wth is the problem with apologizing? my god


acknowledging the problem, apologizing and letting us know that they are working on it would make a lot of people feel better about the issue.

There could be one to how they’re handling customer support currently.
An apology would acknowledge they made a mistake, and how they are going to prevent the same mistake.
It would build up the trust again that a lot of players lost.

And there is a lot of trust lost, you can read the replies here: Roxx, please save us from this unfair auto-suspension
Those are just the temporary suspensions, not even including the ones caught up in the permanent bans.


TL;DR The keyword is Compensation

Who in the world cares for an apology from game developers or studios? No one. Not when there’s compensation of virtual items or currency that comes along with

just because you don’t care about it, it doesn’t mean no one does.

Empty apologies pandering to mobs are pointless. Demanding apologies is childish. What do empty words do for you? Why put so much weight on the word “Sorry” ? We don’t need apologies, we need actions.

They just need to admit they’ve made a lot of mistakes and fix the problems. They need to take the translation, FIX IT because it’s horrendous, and then apply it directly to the Korean version of the game and give us that.

They also need transparency. The lack of communication is pretty damning.


I guess I’m childish then :wink:

New World first and now this. I don’t think players will trust them anymore. Their reputation is ruined forever, unless they annouce a complete overhaul of their teams, kicking leads who ruined both games and hiring new ones.

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Manning up and apologizing for your own failures goes a long way.
We’re not all perfect, but being quiet about obvious issues and nothing to look forward as a playerbase is the real killer.

Just my PERSONAL view, if I’d wake up and see a somewhat roadmap wtf is going on etc. I’d might wanna logoff and come back later a bit, or just play very relaxed.

But with a state like now and absolutely no word from amazon at all. I just feel like deinstalling and saying f& amazon as most of us did with New World quite early on with no intention to come back again.

I’m aware this is just a n=1, but I guess I’m not the only one feeling like this.


bump, agreeing with everything what OP said. I enjoy the break i currently take from LA and will only log in again when changes were being made (currently 1355, not like i reach 1370 anytime soon anyways Kappa).

Have a nice day.

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I recall during the ff14 endealker launch, our lord and savior, Yoshi-P apologized for 2 week delay because he knew players took vacation time or organized thier schedules around the Endwalk launch.

Were players mad ? fuck yeah! taking time off during the holiday season is hard for a lot of players. However the support he got from us out weighed the negativity. All it took was a little bit of accountability.


Are people actually so emotionally driven in life that they need apologies for stuff like this?

I’d like to see tangible things being done.

If they can officially announce Argos 1 day before maintenance release. I dont see why they can’t come up with the mats improvement or honing buff asap when now they realized they $&@& up real bad. Pretty disappointing tbf.

I think most players understand that something isnt going to happen in the short term ( as in matter of weeks ) and they would like to hear some communication and explanation as to WTF just happened.

There was a lot of love and passion for Lost Ark and what we are seeing now the result of deep disappointment.

Players are looking for accountability, in my opinion AGS =/= Amazon the multi trillionaire company. They aren’t equipped to handle a hyped title such as Lost Ark and don’t seem to have enough experience.

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I agree, but we can’t neglect the fact that Argos was 100% planned and slotted for that release period.

The fuckery that happened however, i have no idea ( missing content leading up to argos )

Yeah I mean we were expecting argos to release and other contents at 1 month interval. Was expected to have prog contents to be released approx 1 month interval for the catch up to kr.

Imo it seems it was their intention to release the info 1 day in advance unlike other region a week in advance instead and holding back the mats/honing improvements deliberately.

It gives off a very bad after taste, especially this kind of scenario is very similar to other games publisher. Where they pull off such $&$@ stunt to deliberately milk the whales for short term profit because their game is dying or just plain greedy.