AGS, apologizing can go long ways. That's what we need rn

An apology isnt a solution. It doesn’t fix the problem but for some people it feels good to recieve one. THe thing is that if they own up to their mistakes and tell us about it, share the plan to fix that goes a long way and it reasures people that it is going to get better from here. Apology isnt a solution but it is the first step towards it.


Apology doesn’t mean anything to a solution, but it’s a stepping stone and acknowledgement from the company itself that they are aware of the current issues, and will work towards correcting them. It will at least set the community heart at ease to see an official statement knowing their voices/problems were heard.


Yet, this is card they can play only once, i.e., they have nothing on the line after squeezing the upper tail and then apologizing. If they happen to turn this into a trend the path to trust then becomes concave.

Idk what they were thinking, but I doubt this was a way to milk people for money. Cause losing this much of the playerbase surely is not worth it :thinking:

albeit very late, you did a great job with the announcement today. @Community-Team close this thread :slight_smile:

I really hope we see more abyss trials, challenge raids etc… I am looking forward to the future with lost ark in NA/EU just keep it moving forward.

Also please no more bans for innocent people
Also please have customer support readily available for your customers when stuff hits the fan

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