AGS are you going to fix this?

You said this was a bug and it’s gonna be fixed, but it’s been what now, 3 days and it’s still not fixed? Any chance you guys can hurry up?

For some reason I think if it was a shop bug resulting in decrease of your earnings by even 0.01% you would have fixed it INSTANTLY…


Yes they wanted to rip you off.

Because that’s the only way they can make money now apprently, by making itentional bugs.

Just say its causing all your toons to get free pheons every 5 minutes, they’d get on that shit quick. They’d probably shut down the server asap. :rofl:

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They have answered your question right?

who the heck has to change pet buffs nowadays

one of the things i did almost 1 year ago already, was getting 1 crit, 1 specc, 1 swift , 1 defense and i even have a pet with magic armor

who has only the rabbit and changes all the time its stats ?

Guys, please stop with the ignorant topics…
This issue has been addressed and even though it shows a blue crystal price, changing pet buffs is still free.

It is a UI bug, blue crystals are not withdrawn from your account. It will be corrected in next weeks patch.

afaik it’s just a visual bug isn’t it? and it does not in fact consume any of ur BC

Yes, its a visual bot that does not withdraw any BC.

Thats crazy, the bots are evolving to visual bots :joy: :joy:

LOL *bug. Reading and typing in too many threads at once.


@Roxx can you fix the issue where the scouter engraving change never happened?