AGS are you kidding?

So while decent percent of people were hardtrying 12 hours per day to make 120+ roster with 6 + alts 1340 for 3 F*****CKING MONTH, now youre giving crybabies ,that were chilling with mokoko grinding and whine on forums FREE alts boost with events??? Are you serious?? This is not even close to be fair. This is just ridiculous. I’ve never created posts like this in any MMORPG Ive played, but guys…come on… This is TOO SOON for catch up mechanics, this game is supposed to be so called “time rewarding”, but you keep wasting time of players who actually did care about semi-hardcore or hardcore gameplay.

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I hope this is sarcasm. I have a hard time telling.


You gonna cry about free stuff? Just use the boost to make another alt. Sheesh.


hardcore players dont give money, they are like 1% of the population

man… chill. More players coming to endgame the better


I’m reading this as sarcasm.

But in the case it’s not…

What’s the problem? You can just make another character with the catch up stuff they gave to push your main even more! Or push your character even further (with mats that they’re handing out for FREE) so they can’t catch up.


Sooo they will release valtan 1 month after but april doesn’t include an event for players that are still behind 1415. That events is only for players are in t1-t2. I guess expect valtan in june guys. While I’ll be ready for kakul-saydon when the valtan comes out


Laugh, all my alts are above ilvl 1000 without even trying… this only helps the ultra super casuals who really need help.


You played the game at the pace you decided. That is no ones fault but your own. Grow the hell up or move along to a different game. My 13 year old daughter acts more mature that you.


Haha are you saying this wasn’t a joke post?

Oh honey…


Huh… I missed that bit in the patch notes. I can understand why people might be upset, but as someone who’s trying to convince more of his friends to play the game, I’m a big fan of it.

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lol! I kept telling this is a Mobile Game. They will do whatever is necessary to push new players up top to keep them in game.

You whales keep racing hard, but u forget that there is a red light ahead where everybody will catch up.

And while you pump the gas like crazy, others sell you overpriced materials they will buy back way cheaper during the red light.

You are playing a game without even realizing its mentality. The only true asset is Gold. Not item levels.

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Ark Pass is for T3 people bud.

Quit your whining, there’s plenty of legit reasons to whine but this isn’t it. My main is 1417 and I have 5 alts at 1340 and I think something like this is needed. And it only goes up to 1000 so Idek why you’re flipping out.

How is this remotely bad? Think of it like the stronghold honing buffs. Yeah I already worked hard to get my character there, but now subsequent characters aren’t complete torture. Same view with catch up mechanics, which in my book, are completely welcome

Just make another alt.


Literally this, I don’t get why people don’t understand this and its mind boggling to me. “I had it bad so everyone else does too, I don’t care if it makes leveling my alts easier, everyone should suffer like I did.”

I dont care if they give an event for players are in t1-t2. I have a problem with the events that doesnt include t3 materials. I already have 5 alts lance will be 6th and that event will help for me for like what? 2 less days for my lance to reach t3? And stop with the ark pass is an event for t3. Ark pass is not an event. That lasts 3 months with the option to pay to get extra rewards. I wouldnt care if they are having thoughts of delaying valtan BUT after this event thing they have no right to bitch about ‘‘there are not enough people at 1415 so we’ll delay valtan to june’’. NO