AGS are you kidding?

While I like it for selfish reasons, it is pretty unprecedented to add speed-up mechanics for new players like this 2 and a half months into the launch of a game.

At the rate they’re adding content (or the rate they originally wanted to) it would be kind of dumb for them not to. Esp when the game heavily encourages alts, most games that aren’t KR games don’t.

That being said even with islands you can hit like 1050 in like 4 or 5 days lol.

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No it isn’t. They’ve been talking about catching up the global version of the game and theres ample evidence for Lost Ark to catch up new and f2p players. The game will always have catch up mechanics that make it easier over time.

Yes it is, unless you can think of another game that had this sort of thing within 3 months. Most games take at least a year.

You can argue that it’s appropriate because of the frenetic pace of content releases (and I don’t completely disagree with Lycilla here) or whatever, but you can’t really argue in good faith that it’s not unprecedented.

Hey I’m gonna blow your mind. You can make a 7th character with feiton pass to 960 instantly and 8th character to 1000 with less effort and both those alts can do whatever you want to try hard at whether that’s chaos, guardians or lopang dailies

Every-fucking-one knew that there will be catch up events close by.
This is a YOU problem. Deal with it.

If your free 2 play, I highly suggest you skip the Hyper Express train one, and just wait for next new char, destroyer for a second feiton power pass. Becuase as a free 2 play you are limited to 6 characters unless they mkae character slots obtainable by free means. Your main on your free 2 play account and maybe 2 other characters from vern power pass should be the only characters you are playing right now, + the free feiton pass, will be a 4th character, so you will have 2 more slots for new characters. Destroyer will make ur 5th character, and then the character that comes after destroyer will be ur 6. If your f2p and already cap at 6 characters, you are out of luck wiht the future feiton power passes that will release with eveyr new character.

Just a FYI and Disclaimer.

Does it work like the powerpass? I have 3 of them but don’t want to use them because it auto completes all the quests. That kind of ruins everything. I’ll just level alts from scratch.

i have 8 in t3 and 4 more 1060-1080 and am looking forward to adding glaivier and sharpshooter to my roster after patch. imagine complaining about power passes for alts

It’s in context to this game and in other regions this game has already been released. Are you not informed? Do you expect to be massively ahead of new players for an indefinite period of time because you played since launch? Cause sorry to break it to you, this has never been the reality of Lost ark in any region.

Is arguing without reading a skill you picked up or does it just come naturally?

I said it was unprecedented, not that it was unwarranted. The latter is obviously subjective. And you waxed and waned about “context” without, you know, showing any precedent.

I’m not even against the thing if you’d bother to read. But instead of reading my post explaining why people are upset, you just assumed I was angry and argued against a nonexistent strawman.

That’s what you get for spending 12 hours+ a day on a game, get rekt.

been a while since i see a post about someone complaining about free stuffs

What was too soon was to make 6 characters

thats why KR player call it pay to lose because there is always something to boost the lower players up lol

Is it me or people complain about the weirdest shit.
@OP T1-T2 catchup event is the most reasonable patch they implemented. It gives casual players catching up to T3. However, they still have to grind it out at T3 to get any reasonable content, but with south vern comes out, they prob have enough mats to push T3 content. However, early pushers with ilvl 1370+ will get the same advantage.

I mean the event is basically irrelevant for anyone in t3 who doesn’t care bout leveling another alt into t3. Shoulda just extended the racing event at least that helps all tiers in progression regardless of where you where. If your t3 still trying to push to 1370 this event is worthless. But hey at least the guardian events here for another week.

If it was the other way around and there was only a t3 exclusive event people would be complaining as well. Op might had over reacted but you can still acknowledge there is a problem with the event.

People will always find something to complain, its like they cant live without it

It doesn’t make leveling existing alts easier, though. This is really only useful if you want to create a new alt or you abandoned your old alt in T1. So the people in T3 carefully planning how many days it will take to pay off having leveled an alt get to watch others zoom past them with their fresh alts while they’re still mired in debt.

In Korea they call it pay to lose (meming ofc) because this is the norm. They make it easier over time to get to end game, while the whales pay to get there first. you are 100% correct this kid is just whining for no reason lol pay him no mind

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