AGS be like infinite chaos botting? Yeah no big deal. 1415+ doing oreha abyss? Nah can't have that

Xd again punishing players who still actually play this game legit, so funny




If you are 1415 you have argos and p1+2 valtan normal. wym punishing? Clown


This change has nothing to do with Amazon, kinda sad ppl still blame them without even knowing what they’re talking about.

This change was implemented in Korea as well a long time ago, if you are 1415 why do you want to do oreha for gold? youll be doing valtan instead which gives more money, its esentially the same than before valtan, you’re just doing valtan instead of oreha its not a big deal.


just bus oreha now, so you still get the gold.

Its punishing because people botting infinite chaos are unaffected. People that actually do content that requires being human like an abyss raid have less gold avenues. Honk honk to you :)))

This is a fair point. They should implement a proper bus system to reduce scamming like they did with maps.

its been like that even with abyss.
1370 below = sea of indolence and oreha normal; no gold on previous abyss.
1370+ = argos and oreha hard ; no gold on sea of indolence.

You only get gold from 2 contents. Moron.

Cry me a river dude. I am not feeling punished at all and my twinks still get gold from abyss. It is logical that sources of Gold get removed since we already have a lot of sources. Gold needs to be kept in check to stop inflation. Only thing I do agree on is more punishment towards bot. But since you actually did not play the newest patch yet you cannot even tell if more steps got taken against them

I think basic economy should be a primary subject in schools all over the world. But when I see people not able to do 4th grade math and can’t point all the continents…

My point is, don’t waste your time to boost people’s IQ.

In other regions Oreha still gives gold, just EU/NA the well known gold cow of games, they reduced dismantled materials compared to other regions, gold rewards are lower too, and bots still in big numbers. They gonna do this shit over and over.

Hearsay. Actually not true

They dont. I play in KR. Please dont spread fake news


This is a feature in every version …

I can’t blame him, with this RMTing, botting going around. gold don’t hold much value, normal players need as much gold generating content as possible to keep up with bots. F2P only have like 6 chars, so…