@AGS: Communication regarding the Glaivier powerpass was atrocious

We deserve a second powerpass for Destroyer. Nobody will take the time to progress the class without one. You should have told us from the jump that this was the only powerpass available between Glaivier and Destroyer. Content creators and players from other regions spread the information that every new class has been and will be given a powerpass upon introduction to the game. You allowed us to believe that until a week or so ago when Roxx relayed the information to us.

SO. Make it right. It doesn’t have to be a recurring trend, but the communication here was unfair. Had I known I had to make a choice between Glaivier and Destroyer I might have picked Destroyer.

Many of us have used our 9 Vern knowledge transfers. Most of us are burned out on progressing from level 10 to T3 from scratch. I know I won’t be making that journey again.


They gave a power pass and another free t3 char with express event. They said it would last until 30th may.

Apply logic


The powerpass was also set to expire in 7 days initially. So many things went wrong with this patch.

Imagine defending this


That was fixed few days later

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And many chose to apply the pass to Glaivier the day they saw the expiration


If u just took the time to read the patch notes for glav release you would have saw it expired on june 30th and it was a visual bug ppl just want free hand outs lmao


yeah, 50% of players applied the express to their main character. not everyone combs through patch notes


So you want communication but then u dont read communications


I didn’t say me personally.

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comunication?. 4 days for Valtan and destroyer, wheres the patch notes?. Dont expect information from Amazon.


HINDSIGHTTTTTT, just because the patch said June 30th, doesn’t mean they would have retroactively changed the ‘already claimed’ power pass.

The information that appears and applies in-game simply applies in-game. The concept of things being retroactively applied to current content is not common, nor is it something we were supposed to sit back and expect either.

Countless events across countless games have not done this with their events. It was simple logic to use it so you didn’t lose it. Even then, they didn’t announce that there WOULDN’T be a power pass with Destroyer when history and precedent most likely supported the power pass with Destroyer.

Only after several weeks did we get confirmation that they weren’t adding one for the reason of Class Cadence.

LETS NOT FORGET that there was a similar class cadence for Gunslinger and Striker within 1.5 months of each other.

There was also a similar class cadence for Reaper and Scouter within 1.5 months of each other.

Both of these had double power passes. So set aside your talking points because I’m tired of hearing bad answers fueled by misinformation.


why are you basing your believes of powerpass off other regions tho ?

Just use Knowledge transfer and move on. This tread is pointless.

Because other regions have history and precedent that created what we experience here.


There’s only 9 Vern knowledge transfers available and lots of ppl have used them all


Kinda insane TBH. Lots of people have 13+ characters lol…

do you really need patch notes
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here ill also add this in case you don’t know what some of that stuff is

According to this logic, you could also read that the event which we have now is/was for 1 character per roster, when in reality it wasn’t. You could also read that the 2nd collector pack is the same as what we’ve originally got, yet it was a different skin. You could also read that we were getting honing buffs in the 1st patch note which they quicklly scrapped. You could also read that the game launches at X, while in reality it launched at 1 hour later. There could be about 20 more examples if I weren’t tired and it wouldn’t be 3 am. Point is, their patch notes isn’t a reliable source.

P.S.: Or when they shadow patched rapport rewards without mentioning them in the patch notes? Or when they said we will be getting the april update when the skin pack expires and in reality it was weeks later when we got the april’s update?


Were getting less PP per class release than all the other regions.

The mental gymnastics people go through to somehow justify this is astounding.

I thought the NA region was spoiled and players would whine for a better or at-least similar standards, nope seems were the worst in this case.



Imagine listening to what content creators and players tell you and taking them as fact.