@AGS: Communication regarding the Glaivier powerpass was atrocious

100% agree with needing a powerpass for destroyer. Either sell it or give it to us, the communication was horrible.


I understood it!

its ok guys i still have my express event and powerpass not sure what one to use on my destroyer :thinking:

And out of curiosity what was your stance on everyone being upset that the end date for the Omen skins and racing event didn’t end up being the release date of the glavier and content patch?

Couldn’t have been that they shouldn’t assume anything based off of the dates on events, and that it’s their fault for expecting something unconfirmed, could it have?

So we are the problem when previously opened servers ( KR, JP & RU) all had the same progression and events. Yet WE are at fault for expecting the same for the 4th time.


U guys are funny
First want all class at once and wanr powerpass for all, then they give u monthly a Class again complain then give u powerpass and expretmission and use both on a new character u creat and want for new one another pass or expret.
Did u really understand other region gain new class in best way in 4month?
So u ask to give u for new class monthly powerpass and exprt mission,really?

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Can you read changes in every class?. The information its there… I can read it in the KR website because in KR they get accurate information with weeks in advance and the road map with dates 3 months in advance.

We go to get the patch notes a few hours before the update, at 3:00am

Smilegate :brown_heart: :brown_heart: :brown_heart: :brown_heart: :brown_heart:
Amazon :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop:


We’re asking for the same amount of power passes.

1 class release → 1 power pass
just like all of the other regions.

The other regions’ content released slower, giving players MORE time to stockpile gold, silver, honing materials, and juice materials. They also had MORE time to get gems, engravings, and build their rosters (skill points and stuff like that). They ALL got power passes with each class release.

Our content is releasing faster than any other region, giving players LESS time to stockpile gold, silver, honing materials, and juice materials. We also have LESS time to get gems, engravings, and build our rosters (skill points and stuff like that). We are set to get less power passes.

WTF kind of backwards logic is that?


nah, its just few (un)paid shills who would defend even someone shitting in their bed (hi Amber) if it was in shape of logo from their favorite game/product.

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Anyone got a bucket, I’m about to puke from all the entitlement

okay so u meant to say, the newly released class destroyer should be allowed to do valtan week 1?

i mean if thats your logic, then im hoping they’ll release the classes the same pace as other regions :yawning_face:

They said themselves that the decision to release destroyer next was because destroyer has good stagger damage for Valtan. How can destroyer having good stagger damage for Valtan be a reason if destroyers won’t be doing Valtan?

A feiton power pass boosts a character to 960, a punika power pass will boost a character to 1302, neither one of these boosts will get you anywhere near 1415 to do Valtan on release let alone 1445 for HM Valtan.

If players had spent time stockpiling resources to speed a destroyer from 960/1302 to 1415, they could do that with any other class.

Either way, people are going to use their bank accounts to have destroyers Valtan ready day 1.
Who fkn cares if destroyers can do Valtan day 1?

Oh no, people are going to do content on a class! how could they!?

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delete this thread already ffs. it’s been said over and over again that they will not provide powerpass.

Can you send the SS for where they said Destroyer is released because of good stagger for valtan?

because the one that i found only says about the good stagger, and the way youre putting it is as if destroyer the only one with good enough stagger to do valtan

thats right, ppl will and theres nothing ags can do to stop it
but sure they can make it harder if they want to, by not giving another free powerpass
but really, theyve done a lot for you if you really want your destroyer class to be valtan ready in at least just a couple of days if you really want it bad

what have they done? express event + feiton powerpass

of course not the same release as the destroyer class release
but it still exist and is applicable for your destroyer class

why’d i mention express event?

because express event is meant to be for NEW PLAYERS to catch up with the current state of the game in which they could be valtan ready quicker than a lot of other ppl who did not use the express event

but what else can it be useful for?

for whiners and crybabies who have been whining and crying about their laziness of doing alts to keep up with current content, so express event is basically giving them a t3 char with so very little effort, because the winter guardian event should help you with this as well (t2 mats are no longer useful if your main is already in t3)

so to sum it up, yes, like u said, ppl are going to use their bank accounts and who cares if destroyers can do valtan day 1?

but that doesnt mean it HAS to be with powerpass, you should explore your options, be it buy gold and then mats and knowledge transfer, or if its too hard for you then you should wait and just focus on your main for valtan

why do you feel entitled that AGS should be providing you with it?

i could not and will never understand ppl who feel entitled to everything they see and think and in this case is they see other regions getting it, content creators from that region said it should be the same and then they feel entitled to getting it, smh

what if youre out of every available options? you have used express event for an alt you dont want and youre doing it just because you fomo-ed over other players who have a lot of alts and can feed to their main. and then youve used ur feiton powerpass on glaivier class or other alts. and then youre running out of knowledge transfer because youve done em all to your every available chars

what should you do then?


that is the only thing you should do

you dont have to like it, but you have to face it, the game is not made just for you
and if youve run out your options when theres a lot other options other than just a powerpass for your destroyer, then you need to wait for the next powerpass

I dont need someone in youtube doing it, I understand korean and can read it directly in the KR website, I talk about we dont have patch notes with that information…

Where exactly did they said this? I’ve checked every announcement and dev tracker post, there’s no such thing.

then dont ask someone to live translate for you use google

no matter what amazon/smile gate does some people will complain the main details have been known since the 6th

I dont think anyone is going to make destroyer if they have to manually level it from zero

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