Ags continuous punishment

I purchased some royal crystals to exchange for blu and some gold to buy accessories for my arcana. Not much just 2200 Royals.
Of course, I couldn’t use that gold.
Thanks, AGS. I’m a loyal Prime customer for years and I deserve this shit.

Prime customer? Okay, nothing to do with lost ark. Also read the patch notes, you have to wait 3 days now.

You know, I was naive. I didn’t think 1000 gold change is so big. And yeah, Prime customers playing LA get a couple of benefits from prime. I think it’s a reputation. They don’t need to fear RMT.
Obviously, I’m wrong.

A necessary evil to stop bots but understandable frustration for a valued prime user.

If possible you can always try to find work arounds like borrowing from friends if you have any.

To risk, they will get banned for RMT/gold selling? No :frowning:

then you can only wait 3 days valued customer.

Without you f2p players wouldn’t enjoy be able to play game.

They are thanking you for being so patient and understanding.

:rofl: yeah

This is straight up BS. Whoever thought of this is an idiot, whoever believes this is a straight up dumbass.


Since this implementation the price of $ to gold on rmt sites have increased 50% or over 100% compared to past 3 months.

It’s doing something.