AGS doesn't care about gold sellers advertsing via in game mail

If they did, there would be an option to “report sender” as well as they wouldn’t let the mails sit in my mailbox advertising to me until they expire.


You can report those directly in ur mail tab tho

I must be a bit slow.

I’ve tried everything I can think of. Can you please ELI:5 and walk me through step by step?

When I click on and highlight the mail, it gives me three button options : Accept All (which is greyed out) Reply and Remove.

If I click remove, there’s no option to report.

I have Cntrl, Shirt, Alt + Right clicked, left clicked on all the mails and no sub menu comes up.

When I select the mail, the only option that comes up is “Delete Selection”

Maybe it’s super obvious but I can’t find it.

Worked for me, After opening the mail, I placed my cursor on the “bot’s name” in the mail, and ctrl+right click, and got the drop down to report.

Used to have daily mails from the bots but it disappeared for some reason (in USW).

Update: The mail spam came back xD Just a delay and at equal intervals now.


I always report and delete mails but honestly not sure if that will do anything.

Thank you.

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