AGS failed to protect their playerbase

Not counting the cases of clear RMTs getting banned now legal players are at risk of getting banned if any of the botted money gets into your hands.

Smilegate should self publish at this point even tho the damage is already done.

  • now you cant bus without the risk of getting flagged.
  • Cant sell higher level gems for the risk of getting flagged.
  • Cant sell on demand yellow books for the risk of getting flagged.
  • GL sending/trading a friend high amounts of gold or local server sells w/o AH.

we got changes in the game nobody asked for cause they didnt perma the buyers at day one.

“but no kingdom ruled through fear is a kingdom worth ruling” - this is no kingdom this is a business and the legal consumer got a stick in the butt.

i know this is a game and its f2p and its free and if i dont like it play something else but without any of us here this is nothing.


Dont forget if you sell a good Accessoire for 100k +


The current state of the game is :

Any interaction with a played can lead to a ban. Selling any gem, accessory for a huge amount of gold can lead to be flagged. Like anything you do can go wrong for you, this system is so bad.

What should we do? Stack all the good stuff and just use gold generated from content itself? :skull:


They had to make it harder to create accounts from the start of the problems but that’s something they said they basically won’t ever consider so it’s almost impossible to stop rmt and bots. Look at power pass, imagine being a new player, having to deal with gold hold, insane inflation and you don’t even get the 2 free vern passes.


im even scared to sell expensive accessories lol or gems, usually i sell gems lvl 8 every 1.5-2 weeks now idk if its safe

I dunno, people seem to be too scared and don’t actually understand why accounts are getting flagged. I have Bussed, sold a level 9 gem, and sold quite a few legendary books in the last two weeks, no flag, no ban. The only thing ive seen of an account getting flagged for sheer amount of gold was the 500k from Alan. No normal player will ever run into this, in fact Alan may be the only person in the entire game stupid enough to collect 500k within an hour from someone. We still don’t know if his automated ban will hold because its very possible he RMTd pre argos and now that they are looking at the account they might find something to keep the account banned.

I dunno, seems silly to live in fear when there is a single example of something getting auto flagged, and the amount in that flag was something players just wont have happen.

Edit: it seems Alan did indeed RMT in volume of 800k gold. Ban holds for 8 months.

Same, you’d have to keep doing some really shady stuff to get your account flagged then banned. Also that guy Alan had like full lvl 10 gems and 1400+ characters when Argos just came out. If he’s a legit whale, he should show his steam purchase history.

This is just propaganda spun by RMT buyers/sellers. The only people being banned for any of the above are those that are buying large sums of RMT Gold and are trying to shield/spin a narrative to be unbanned by community vote.

S> Vykas NHH 100,000g - Totally not their fault that it was RMT Gold and they just didn’t know… :man_facepalming:

Very happy RMTers are getting banned, better late than never.


yea propaganda from a f2p account sure dude.

Their flag system is flawed it only checks if the gold you have came from RMT and doesnt care if you are a legal account or not.

Considering all these made up stories RMTers are coming up with it’s clear their flag system is doing a fantastic job and the specialists that manually review and verify it was correct are also doing great work.