Ags give up the battle vs bot,price are skyrocket again from week and they are not doing anything

Eu server Neria price are going up insane without no sense,bot are overlwheming on the map again,blue crystal are 1.6k gold,leggendary book in 2 week got each one 10k (igniter,mahyem,fist intention and stuff like that), in 2 week the game become insane and AGS are doing NOTHING,we are alone cause they give up the battle vs bot. Dont give me any stuff like * the battle vs bot is going on and bla bla bla* cause in the last 2 week you give up and bot put an amount of gold again in market and you cause this because of mentality do not permaban people for RMT but give them only a few weeks/months of ban.

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Paragraphs and punctuation are a blessing…


first of all : its not one server , the market is region wide on EUC where you at ( even with not even one bot on your server that crystals would stay at that )

second, that prices from books are normal , or still low compared to what it should be when there were never bots ingame since release

also with no bots, that prices of Crystal should be that high also , when there would have been no bots ever.

third there are permabanned people aswell. but yeah, not everyone got that.

fourth: if you wouldnt suck at making ingame gold , that prices wouldnt bother you even as F2P


You’re right, they gave up. They’re doing nothing. The price rising is solely because of bots. /s

The prices where so low because of bots! Without them Blue Crystals, Engravings and other thing would be more expensive. Same for oreha Fusion mats for example since bots make the price of fish less so it’s cheaper to craft them.

Better think about twice before making an absolutely wrong message. Thanks.

Bots flooding the market with Items so they are cheaper.

Bots where flooding the Currency Exchange with „cheap blue crystals“ because they did it with chargebacks or stolen credit cards!

So that the prices are rising is an sign that AGS fight against those bots.