@AGS Honing Rate changes with Argos ('catch-up')?


Are we getting the ‘leaked’ honing rates with Argos? Currently players are extremely confused whether to continue honing or wait at 1325 or 1340 for improved honing rates.

We really need more transparency Amazon and it would be very convenient if you stopped keeping us in the dark about extremely important updates. It will also be very scummy if you decide to let people progress (spend money) to rush towards 1370 just to silently introduce the new honing rates later on. We know a business loves its’ money but we’d also like that you’d care about your customers for a change and give us the information SmileGate wants you to give us.

No, those honing rates came from the patch notes for the game release, but were wrongly put in there. Nobody knows when those honing changes come.

They were supposed to be included in release but the NA/EU playerbase complained that it was too easy so it got removed from the game.

Now that you mention it, the game kinda breaks to a certain extent in end of T1-T2 and the progression path to the current hardest content (1370) is kinda botched. Feels like AGS is deliberately handicapping us from progressing in order to juice the whales. SmileGate probably wanted the improved honing rates from launch but AGS said no.

I don’t understand how this can be real. These were the rates in the alpha, then in the beta they switched it to what we currently have. Now they are going to go back to alpha? It doesn’t make sense lmao. So what happens to all the people who have exhausted their islands/quests/collections that helped them in T1 and T2? Wouldn’t these players get screwed because they have LESS roster mats compared to someone starting after this patch?

EDIT: Also to everyone crying about players quitting in T1 and T2 have never played a Korean MMO ever. There are no gear downgrades or gear breaking AND there is a pity system. Do you all just want to be in T3 right after character creation? The rates don’t get better in T3 and it STILL doesn’t have gear downgrading or gear breaking. Every progression system has some form of RNG or another. WoW and Runescape have INSANE loot tables for unique gear- this game has % based upgrading. If you don’t like the game this early you’re not going to like it later even if they do implement changes catered towards making all the tiers easier.

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Very well said. Introducing these honing changes so quickly will make everyone who has been playing last three weeks feel like they got cheated.

Not to mention it will completely tank the value of blue crystals. No one would buy blue crystals so that they can buy mats from Mari or AH after currency exchange.

Its unlikely that these changes will be introduced but after seeing how they handled the recent nerfs im not going to risk it. Im saving all my mats until we learn more.

The changes will come but somewhere in the Future cause they got in action in KR and were following up their status so be sure it will come but it will take TIME till this will really matter to us so chill out its the 50th post or smth about the same topic with the same stuff inside use the search function or atleast click on TOP at the frontpage