Ags is doing a great job

THANKYOU AGS for bringing a good game to the west. Its heen rockey as no one is perfect but i personally think you guys are doing right. You communicate with the community through multiple channles and adress issues that most games will lie and say thay dont have or cant do. Youve given us lots of events and a welcome challenge that was a great boost. I do wish you would just sell a power pass as o dont have much time to play but ive managed to get one character to 1405 and 2 alts to 1340. People that are upset probably should just leave the game and stop flooding the forums with their tears. Im about to be washed out by the river you idoits are making. Anyways Thankyou Ags for letting us have LA IN THE WEST CANT WAIT FOR THIS RAID

They say sv are up, when SA whas down surely they dont lie us