AGS is doubling down on RMTers

5D move from AGS on RMTers, first they pretended not to care about RMT, then they purged them. After that, they took away their gold, plummted the prices of mats in the shop, added punika growth pack to Mari’s shop, 1460 stronghold honing buff, removed Yoz’s Jar and now this.

Summary: Starting today we are testing a roll out of additional measures that will require players that are not already ‘Trusted’ through Lost Ark (but have a ‘Trusted’ Steam account) to have two-factor authentication set up on their Steam account to earn Trusted status. This change will not immediately be active for all players.


I kneel AGS too powerful

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Buy fish?

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if fish price 30 < yes, if already 45-50 ish no.

Don’t think this stops the bots from abusing the auction house to rmt gold though.

This is about fraudulent purchases not RMT, there were so many fraudulent purchases that skins from cash shop were selling at 70% discount on market in the last month :slight_smile: .

Also there were players that had their steam account compromised with fraudulent purchases because they didn’t have 2fa

Ah I see I got the two confused

I think this is the legal definition of RMT for AGS, they don’t care about the other type of RMT that doesn’t involve them.

LOL its interesting

what’s 5D?

Not sure what you’re on about. 2FA has nothing to do with RMT.

as in 5d chess, i meant very smart move

u can’t trade in game unless u have mobile phone 2fa on
it hinders constant new account creation and makes it more difficult and costly to them

It will certainly cause some hindrance but far from an effective preventative feature. I view it as more of an account legitimacy check.