AGS is great at creating hype at least

Too bad it’s usually negative hype. Whoever the genius behind 1 class every 2 month should work for political campaign.


AGS dont understand that one thing is better than returning players : NON LEAVING players…

They want people to drop and come back, but when anyone leave, the return is always “maybe”


I don’t understand this marketing its like wanting ur game to die and be only unga bunga whale wars

What are our community managers communicating with SG exactly? One thing that was widely wanted by everyone by huge margin was releasing classes at a faster pace. And what did our CMs give us? A huge fucking middle finger. They couldn’t be more disconnected, and that’s why I think they are doing horrible job representing us with SG. All should be fired for all I care.

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Lost Ark relies so heavily on their FOMO mechanics, that the desire to come back would heavily drop after even just a couple of days of not playing.

i rarely want to come back after an insult like releasing the legendary skin of my class months before i can play the class (making me unable to get it… yay )