AGS is incompetent and there is no excuse

Can someone please explain to me why the community managers, AGS and Smilegate are so useless?

You don’t develop any new content.

There’s constant delays, server issues, bugs and 0 communication / updates, there isn’t even a single representative from AGS who is willing to discuss what is being “worked on” this week for releasing 2 year old content that’s already finished.

In EVERY SINGLE one of these games I’ve played for several years, there has never been a delayed update, or missing patch notes and they always make early announcements with release schedules that they stick to. And these games develop NEW content on a tight schedule instead of being glorified translators for old content.

Legends of Runeterra
Super Auto Pets
Mahjong Soul
Guild Wars 2
League of Legends
Path of Exile
MTG Arena
Eternal Card Game

Why exactly is Lost Ark + Amazon with an almost endless amount of resources combined incapable of doing something that even 2 man development teams of indie games are capable of doing?


What’s worse for me is that they prepared the Western release for a long time, so all the legion raids should’ve been done with translation and porting to our client long before the game was even out.

As I wrote some days ago, they just bought the IP and thought it would be smooth sailing from there, now they’re in over their heads.

Btw, from that list of yours, Valve never announces anything and they don’t communicate, so Dota and CS communities can’t complain about delays. :joy:


IMO i would take valves approach over AGS’s approach any day.

Atleast there is 0 expectation in terms of communication from them.
Here we are fed half assed, mostly incorrect or incomplete information with so much vagueness in them and pr flavor all while pretending they will do better and are trying their best.

Agreed, I especially find the generic responses from CM annoying. I know it’s not their fault, but we’re not a bunch of 12 year olds, better not to say anything than reply and say nothing.

Or those random suggestions like moving the events because they start too late etc, instant replies from CMs but nothing ever happens with it. Just awful.

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Back in the good old days no one gave a shit on that because it was not important.

AGS/SG approach to the NA/EU version is like they’re purposely trying to sabotage it lol. Some executives make the decision to holdback some of the stuff that other regions have had together. Take for instance the honing buffs. Apparently, other regions have seen the global honing buffs specifically for t1-t2 with the introduction of Vykas Legion Raid, but since NA/EU is like nah fam they ain’t getting it anytime soon, they supposedly have to go into the code to adjust it and in that time somehow touch something else directly or indirectly which creates all the bugs, Then you have their QA team.

Just using the Punika support chest recently, it somehow got overlooked and made it into the live version after last week’s maint. Goes to show what a great QA team they have lol.

Delays, server issues and quality of communication/updates are imo thanks to the bot issue that plagues NA/EU version really. Also, their refusal to stick to the road that was laid before them already. Russia, Japan, Korea clearly can set some precedents on what works and what doesn’t work, but hey the executives of NA/EU demand to be a unique version, refuses to be a sheep and be their own trend setter kek.

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I think at this point its more likely that smilegate just don’t care about us. Were quick to blame ags but they can’t do anything other than communication, but they can’t communicate if they themselves don’t really know anything which I bet they don’t.

Lmao why is dota up there? The 10 yrs i have played that game every update was always a surprise cause they never tell us anything. Probably only when the next Ti is lol

It is on SG don’t blame AGS on content stuff. If they received the content from SG they’d released it, I don’t think they take pleasure of getting lynched by their own players.

Somehow I have a feeling that this post will be closed…
Hopefully I am wrong :sweat_smile: