AGS is not trustworthy

Im a long time player. Did the Russia thing, played NA since day one. 1460 Sorc, 1415 Bard and 3 1370s. Great guild, love the core game.

I have supported the game by purchasing a number of skins and I payed for the upgraded Ark pass. I try to play the actual game without swiping. But overall my patronage (mainly skins) has been good for AGS.

But I am close to my limit with frustration and am consideing quiting…all because I dont trust AGS.

The recent revised fiasco that has been June is super frustrating. And it didn’t have to be provided AGS communicated better, delivered what they promised, when they promised it.

In an effort to provide high quality feedback, here are my reasons for potentially leaving.

  1. Poor communication from ASG and lack of trust in the features they will deliver and when they will be delivered.

  2. Class release schedule. It is too slow. Its way too slow. I want to main summoner or artist or scouter and basically biding my time until they are released. That looks like a year long wait.

  3. Skins. Most skins you have released are poor IMO. The platinum skins remain the best so far. The scrapping of the Jar feature with no alternative plan for us to acquire legendary skins is terrible. Korea is in such a better state.

  4. 1460 stronghold honing feature was not supposed to be released. So virtually every person in my guild pushed our alts past 1415. Wasted so many mats to now find its back in. Again, unreliable and poor comms. I appreciate the feature, but not the manner in which it has been managed.

  5. Bots. I wont say much here. Its already been said.

Many of us play the game as our primary hobby. Its what we do with our family, friends. We schedule RL events around it, make plans with work and time off and some even plan vacations to maximize time with the game.

AGS has no respect for their players. You dont value our time and you are not trustworthy with your plans and communication. You are like a car we own and love but you break down all the time.

A frustrated gamer…Im not very interested in this revised June update and if the July update takes us another 4 to 5 weeks (july 28 ot aug 4) i think ill be done.