AGS Loses Trust and Integrity

AGS is the publisher for this game and manages the communication to the players. They are the face of Lost Ark in the West and thus assumes much of the risk. If Lost Ark is a success, they can use that for their advantage. If it’s a failure, then of course it’s going to kick back to them.

And honestly AGS has a terrible reputation. The release of Lost Ark came after the disaster of New World. People still remember how AGS burned their OWN game to the ground. We are seeing the same mistakes here as they did to their own game. So yes people are putting 1+1 together.

And yes SG makes decisions, but you really think AGS has no say so in this relationship? This version of the game is different from the KR version. Look at the Yoz decision; that release was cancelled because of feedback from the community that AGS provided to SG. I am not saying SG is blameless either, I just don’t think you can let AGS off the hook just because SG is there too.

People are bashing AGS and forgiving SG at every corner so his reply is completely justified

Are you really so clueless? Obviously yes, but I thought for a moment you were trolling.
I don’t care about what other players are getting what I care about and players are upset about it that AGS again shows their money greedy face with the whole pheons incident.
They had a chance to give something valuable to the community…PHEONS for FREE, showing they give a da… but NOOOOOOOOOO some jac… manager had to intervene and cancel it because its a potential money they are loosing. Not true (as playerswith a bit of obvious goodwill from AGS would be inclined to buy more stuff from the shop) but they can’t see past their own nose tip.
No big deal? Yes big deal because this was their ultimate way of showing how unreliable they are.
I had TONS of goodwill at the launch of LA, it’s all gone, killed off by one horrible decision after the other.

To lose something they would have had to have it in the first place

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