AGS Marketing is missing opportunities

I was cruising through the Lost Ark reddit while waiting for the Wandering Merchants to pop and found a post that had this promo video for what I imagine is Tier 1 from 2018. The quality of the video is insane and I’m surprised I’m only seeing it now in 2022 after the game has been released for some time now.

Please AGS, reach out to SG for permission to use their older assets to promote the game. Some of this stuff is too high quality to pass up.


bots can’t fight bosses :open_mouth:

Damn, that’s a really nice cinematic. Thanks for sharing.

I guess those t1 and t2 videos are the DATA they are collecting for our server huh

I understand that there might be licensing issues or whatever to possibly complicate things a little bit. But damn this video would have been great prior to the launch of the game here in the west.

The more I browse this forum, the more I’m realizing people here didn’t experience New World.

People keep forgetting that this isn’t a brand new game lol. Most posts on here ask for things like changing core systems, etc and act like this is new and just developed. I don’t understand why people approach it like that