AGS need to hire CM’s over weekend

Alot of topics are out of control and CM are not here to do their job. Alot of out of topics and political issues are being discussed.

Bad language and useless information being spread here and there.

I know the current CM’s are taking off on their weekend and not supposed to work on their days off. However, making decisions on weekends and then set forums on fire is not acceptable too. Its like going back to corporate where firing employees in the weekend so they dont face the CEO and ask why I got fired ?

They can’t even afford to have Mon-Fri English speaking CM in EU woking time so good luck with that.


Stop being a snowflake and ask for censorship over everything. This is a forums, people can voice their opinions. Don’t like it? get off the internet and go touch grass, simple solution

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what madman would take money to read this cesspool of a forums during a weekend.

The weekend’s are just, notoriously bad on the forums. If it bothers you so much, just avoid the forums on the weekend. Go out, go to the beach, take your dog out to the local park, have a picnic with your family and come back Monday.

The janitors would have swept up the place by then.

This isn’t really a weekend role per say, but we’re growing: Community Manager, Amazon Games - Job ID: 2040851 |


i love how the thread just died after roxx posted the hiring link

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Any takers because I sure wouldn’t wanna have to CM these forums lol

Maybe they are sending Amazon their resumes… lol

But he/she is correct, the forums have turned toxic over the weekend… I tried to stay away from much of it, but it is hard when some of the posts were just utter rubbish, and so full of hate towards other posters…

I used the ‘flag’ on some of the posts they were so bad…

Just like you posted this. Can you show us what positions are you guys are hiring to fight the bots? Definitely the current staff/leadership is not capable of such a task so please enlighten us with these positions.

AGS can’t because it’s SMG? GM’s are SMG not AGS. Why is it so difficult for people to understand what the difference between a Developer and a Publisher is?

I doubt most people on the forums would be able to really handle the job.
I’ve only ever worked as a GM on a private server for SMT Imagine. Fun as it was running events at times, dealing with players in general was awful.

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ofc ^^ everybody who ever worked in a customer relation job will tell you that handling humans is by far the most stressful job ever.

HAHAHA. I love that post. Can we have these people hired for this?

"Partnering with the Game Developers to influence product change and future plans. Yeah hello devs, everything is all good in the hood, dont add anything this month unless its 3 quests and a single dungeon, dave is still in T1 playing an hour a week.

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Oof, in San Diego, the most expensive place in America iirc. Good luck finding people. I hope AGS pays well enough for someone working in that area to be able to afford the costs of living there.

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Just click on “Amazon Games” toward the bottom of the position listing and you can see all of their current openings

It is hard to put on your tiny little head that the publisher can ask for phone verification an other measures for account creation?

I was not looking for any positions in particular. It was linked by the CM to prove a point so I am asking to use the same logic to prove the point they are working to solve an specific issue.

It’s still on SGR and Steam as well, unless they ask SGR to design a way for the game to work without Steam.

It doesn’t need to work without steam. They can work out something on the account creation and require something as simple as a captcha or phone verification as I mentioned. The fact that other games have customized account creations it means It can be done. FFXIV is an example of a game running on steam that will run trough several customized services from SE to Steam. Not everything goes trough steam.