AGS NEEDS better communication (weekly maintenance time barely informed to players)

If they knew they were going to have WEEKLY maintenance a day early due to a Korean holiday… why don’t they notify us at the BEGINNING of the week, instead of like 12hrs before maintenance (and not even have it as notice in-game for people that don’t stalk forums/devs?)

Something like this needs to be notified as soon as it’s known, and in multiple locations. Especially the in-game notice thing below chat… which is severely under-used.

Aside from that, there’s a lot more to be said about AGS’ communication/marketing, or lack thereof. “Bad news” shouldn’t be delayed to group it together with good news, they talk about “transparency” but that’s the FURTHEST thing I’ve actually seen from them thus far…

PS. Does AGS HATE money? Really doing the bare minimum and just “phoning in” their publishing duties when it comes to Lost Ark… I don’t know how SmileGate can accept this. Barely advertising sales/skins, events, content, etc… Really missing out on potential PR/hype/money.

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I’m just surprised that in this day and age, we still have to have ‘down time’ for such things. Can’t they just utilise AWS EC2 with redundancy and update the server side without having to even take the game offline…?? then either just stream the client side update to the players while the players are playing or as an update if the player is about to launch the game…!!! Also, why even have data-centers…??? do away with that and just have one global platform for ALL the players around the world… again AGS being part of Amazon… why aren’t they utilising AWS EC2 cloud computing…??? grrr… it’s high time for the tech stack of games to change and eliminate the need for the so-called ‘data center’ segregation…!!

This is embarrasing, specially for EU players.
We still have 1 hour off our servers and they keep ignoring us.

We are having maint but the weekly reset is still Thursday 3am PST. You should still be able to finish any weeklies before then

Thank you! I hope so.

In this case it’s the dailies that matter, not the weeklies. I haven’t done anything today, decide to get on, and whoops 10min before maintenance…

Regardless of what I missed or not, their communication is the issue.

Rested bonus it goes