AGS Needs to Address the Bussing problem in Lost Ark

Bussing was never liked by the original devs in KR ever since Argos/Valtan. The result of that lead to raids such as Vykas and Clown. Basically making annoying mechs where 1 mistake wipes the entire party and 0 clears for 2 weeks. No wonder both Vykas, Clown Brel repeatedly nerf.

That isn’t fun just annoying.

Fast-forward today one might asks if bussing and gold Inflation such a problem KR, why has SG done fuck all about it besides making trash raids that they nerf? We all know it money, but its creating a serious sickness in Global that’s accepted in KR:

  1. look at 4 week old Brel Lobbies in party Finder, 1/3 or HALF the parties are busses.
  2. Argos are pretty much half Busses half Juicer runs
  3. Valtan Half busses
  4. Vykas NM 4500g (Cmon AGS these assholes are actually Robbing Mokokos do something)
  5. Clown has started to see an uptick in Bus Lobbies

As we continue to overgear content even more bussing will happen. We don’t need every Party Finder to be as disgusting as Argos. It’s gotten to a point where gamers see it more efficient to buy the bus and watch somebody play the game for them not for 20m but 2-3 fucking hours (G1-6 Brel Bus). This unchecked bussing has created a community where they don’t even try harder content thus reducing our already small pool of PROG parties to scarcity. Why PROG and wipe for hours when I can just pay 15K for a Brel G1-4 Bus. These gamers new old will never try Brel on their own or with others. Its really sad to see PROG parties wait 30m or hours left unfilled for the new raid or Clown/Vykas. Casual players that were not Brel ready 2-3 weeks ago (Christmas/ New Year) are catching up now, but the community not even trying. We gunna release Brel HM in an environment like this? Where ingame design has made it efficient to BUS than do content yourself- at this scale?

WTF community is this

Everyone just wants to be carried by the P2W whale or Juicer. We are slowing becoming RU a dying soon to be dead region populated by only whales no lifers RMTers. This game if all you do is BUS new content- especially as new player- pretty fucking boring. Can’t believe that in 2023 this trash is what KR MMO live service gaming has turned into. It was NEVER this bad. Actually watching other people play the game for you to progress in new content. Something inherently wrong with these raids that punish the whole group for no reason than asshole design. Then SG/AGS have the audacity to timegate content knowing full well that this form of progression is rampant, damages the economy, cause almost 100% the inflation in KR client. I guarantee if SG just deigned their raids better many in Global and Korea would dramatically decrease the amount of busses they buy and actually play the game.


If they don’t like it then why do they allow bus to continue to exist in KR then? They could easily make bussing bannable if they don’t like it


Wrong. Theres no such statement made by the devs. Also Vykas and Clown are bussed in KR. Even brel and akkan


I buss, because running six alts through all those dungeons, week after week, is soul killing.


because Korea Fandom around it strong and they did not want to piss off their Maplestory Fans after FTC Nexon scandal and they were in need of money game was failing. Fanart memes contests skins were made about Argos Busses. At one point Argos Bussing was responsible for most of the inflation in KR.

An Argos Bus pet actually was submitted to an art contest and lost barely.
Its so intertwined so the devs chose to leave it alone and make raids harder to correct it.
For example in Vykas G1, you used to have to do all the gates properly ALL 4 or wipe.


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even if you ban bussing those players wont play with your or mokokos so why do you care? :joy:


Formal no, but dev team that was responsible for designing raids changed leadership around Vykas/Clown. The party wipe mechanics were more apparent after that change.

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I mean what is wrong with busses? Sometimes I buy busses runs for my alt.

Because theyre trying to make the raids harder/more challenging than the last. They even admitted that they went too far with brel and dialed it back a bit for Akkan.

You seriously need to be in the Olympics for mental gymnastics

they dont need to Ban, but they should reduce the reward.

If our population was healthy I wouldn’t care, but its not.
Being forced to buy a bus for months just to get gatekeep is not healthy.
Vets like me who too lazy to do content and buy busses to progress results in that person quitting. The game becomes unfun and more of a chore.

Do raids with static on 1-2 mains, then buy busses on your 4 alts afk is boring as fuck.

This loop is trash

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The raids are not fun to begin with. And running them in a pug is even less fun.


Because the ingame economy is based around you as a player having to bus every raid on every character every week.

It’s not only idiotic but it’s getting tiresome, and then there’s the new player experience which isn’t to jump in and learn raids like a normal game, you instead buy a bus.

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Banning busses is not going to increase learning parties.

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Yes they will.

Where do you think those mokokos are going to go if bussing was banned? You have 2 choices, either form the learning party with the other mokokos that used to buy busses or your other choice is to do nothing.

See. This is the problem with western community. Sure they can make their own lobbies, but almost no one will be willing to help them.
Its totally the opposite of what veteran players in KR do. They actually like to help mokokos and new players in general

Then make a lobby with 8 mokokos and learn together. The reason why learning parties don’t exist at all is because every is either buying a bus or they’re driving the bus itself. There is no in between.


they shouldn’t be banned, whales need to flex
But SG/AGS need to create an incentive to maybe start our own parties.
Or shocker rework this insane alt system.

It should be more efficient to play the game
Right now its more efficient to buy carries which too adds to inflation.
AGS will never release numbers, but everyone in both my guilds either buys or sell busses on 2 or 3 toons. money gold they shouldn’t have. Nobody in a game should be “rewarded” for AFK.

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Zeals says Valtan/Vykas Gatekeeps LOS18
Streamer stated min req for Clowns 1575 in KR PUGs (1575 can solo DPS)
Resulting in everyone lower buying 3,000g busses/ guild runs
ATK complained about the gatekeeping in KR and new player exp with the 1490 express pass
LOA ON 2022 devs legit revamped the entire new play exp to “help”

I troll more than u you but yeah cmon man
KR HELPS new players

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Bruh. There are a lot of lobbies im kr and theyre divided by multiple categories

Try parties
Half-experienxe parties
Experience parties
No sensitive/No toxic parties
Teaching parties for mokokos/new players
The usual 1500 only party
The 6 relic set minimum parties
The LoS 18 parties

I play in KR and again. Yes a lot of KR players do in fact like helping new players