AGS needs to improve A LOT their comunication with us

Guys its not possible AGS just spam a 30 min mainteinance msg without prior announcement, i understand they´ll say it was an emergency but at least we could be warned with more time and info about what is going on.
I LOVE this game (have more than 3k hours invested) and dont plan to leave but this things make me think twice its sad cuz i really love the game hope they improve their comunications skills with the COMUNITY.


They just can’t please everyone. People cry when there’s no emergency maintenance, and others cry when there is. Would you prefer 4 hour notices for emergencies perhaps?

can you still call it a emergency maintenance when its been going on for 4 days before they do anything?


What makes you think they weren’t doing anything? Do you think they were sitting on their ass and suddenly woke up after 4 days going “Oh sh*t! We need to press the magical button to fix everything!”

These things take time to identify and fix, you can always complain about their skill if the fix took a while to implement but thinking major issues like these can be solved at the snap of a finger is silly.


well as someone who knows nothing of maintenance to servers and bug fixing, if i dont see a post of “working on it” or “update coming in the next days” is the same as not doing anything

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this is to point that i dont care if they take a month to fix anything i can deal with minor nuisances, just as we have this last week, but a yeah we working on it or a yeah we remember this problem but havent found a fix but hey we are trying. thats good enough for me

That’s just a general issue with AGS’s communication in general. We’ve always been left in the dark when big patches were approaching, at most we get a 1 week notice for upcoming patch content outside of what was outlined in the roadmap.

We’re still not even certain Brelshaza is coming on the 15th of December, so I highly doubt that their communication with Smilegate is tightly knit.

seriously, these comms are so bad lmao

before at least they had in game msg that told us to go to the forums for w/e explanation, now you log in and get hit with a 15 min countdown, then a twitter post pops up half an hour after the maint starts looool…

This is exactly correct.

I work in business software but it’s the same thing with other developers I depend on – if someone’s silent about progress, and doesn’t answer your emails or instant messages you can’t help but wonder.

It’s harder to get a response from AGS than getting a response from your dead grandma through an ouija board.