AGS needs to support their Content Creator Program members more

I’ve noticed over the months that when it comes to Twitch events for New World, and now Lost Ark, AGS always partners with HUGE streamers. Huge meaning thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of followers. Some of these streamers are not part of their Content Creator Program and in several instances the streamers advertised haven’t even participated. AGS advertised events for their games with big names linked, people looking to watch specifically for these streamers and they no-showed.

I understand the logic is that brining in large streamers gets more eyes on the product, it’s marketing. At the same time, all the streamers that are a part of the Content Creator Program with smaller numbers are constantly ignored and getting left out in the cold. AGS gets free promotion from their viewers as well, but where is the reciprocity?

You can’t even say the drops help. Lately, when there have been drops the first day or two the drops are exclusive to 4 or 5 large streamers before the Content Creator community (and anyone else who wants to tag New World or Lost Ark). That is a massive disservice to the Content Creator community because a large majority of those interested will have already gotten the drops during the exclusivity phase from one of the larger streamers. Not too many still care by the time it opens to everyone.

When New World or Lost Ark runs contests made up of teams of streamers, sure the team captains are going to be large streamers with huge followings, but why are none of the smaller streamers invited to be on those teams?

Looking at the Content Creator Program info it states creators with be, “working with us”. In what way? So far the only thing I’ve seen any Content Creator with 1k followers or below get is the ability to offer the same drops that literally anyone can offer as long as they are streaming New World or Lost Ark and turn on Drops. No Content Creator membership required. That is not a perk, that is just being part of the herd.

It also states for both New World and Lost Ark:
Giveaway codes, Exclusive partner swag, Social Media Promotion, Access to special Events.

I’ve never seen any of the Content Creators have any of this thrown their way, this tends to go to the large streamers like Asmongold or Shroud, for example, who are not members of the Content Creator Programs.

Why recruit people for the Content Creator program just to turn around and do all of your promoting through non-affiliate professional streamers?

Give something back to the small streamers that make up the bulk of your Content Creator Programs. It is really the least you could do.

And no, I am not a streamer. I’m just a guy that doesn’t like seeing others efforts being taken advantage of.

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Dude, the small streamers/Content Creators in their program, didnt even got an email, except the one at the beginning, where their signed up for it. Not that the game is released. Not a creator-kit, etc. Nothing xD

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