AGS Non-response to Shiba Inu Special Package Purchases

@Roxx and To Whom It May Concern,

The AGS support team made a mistake and listed the price of the Shiba Inu Pet Selection Chest for 2400 royal crystals yesterday. The Shiba Inu Special Package which included an extra 500 blue crystals and a wallpaper was also listed at 2400 royal crystals.

Anybody who wanted the Shiba Inu Pet yesterday bought the Shiba Inu Special Package because it was the better deal since it cost the same amount of royal crystals just for the pet alone.

AGS admitted to the mistake today and changed the pricing of the Shiba Inu Pet Selection Pet to 1300 royal crystals, but did not address the fact that they inadvertently tricked their customers into buying the more expensive item. This is poor customer service and poor customer relations.

A) AGS should refund all customers who bought the Shiba Inu Special Package 1100 royal crystals; send people who bought the Shiba Inu Pet Selection Chest for 1300 royal crystals 500 blue crystals and the wallpaper; remove the individual Shiba Inu Pet Selection Chest from the shop and change the Shiba Inu Special Package to 1300 royal crystals.

B) AGS should allow all customers that bought the Shiba Inu Special Package the option of submitting a ticket to request a refund so they can buy the cheaper Shiba Inu Pet Selection Chest. This requires more work because players have already claimed and opened the chest.

C) Remove all Shiba Inu Pets, the wallpaper, and 500 royal crystals from all players who bought the Shiba Inu Special Package and refund them 2400 royal crystals.

Manipulative strategies inadvertent or not is not acceptable for any company wants to retain loyal customers. Please address this.


well they did mention that they are refunding 2400 crystals to everyone who made purchase but they can still keep the pet.

So I am guessing what you’re saying here is that players were tricked so they should get 2400 crystals back and they should be able to file for refund, resulting in 4800 crystals total in ur wallet cuz they were “tricked”?

Sorry, but either I am reading their response incorrectly or you are reading it incorrectly. I read it as they will be refunding the people who bought the single pet selection box for 2400 royal crystals instead of the special package for 2400 royal crystals which was nobody because anybody who bought the pet yesterday chose the special package. I also assume that they are only refunding the difference of the crystals which is 1100 royal crystals.

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I’m not sure where you got that “refund of price difference” from this, I took it as they are just refunding transactions made for shiba inu item, either one, but can still keep the pet

Correct me if I am wrong tho, if they are really just refunding the price difference, that’s literally a **** move

I hope you are correct, but it only says “The Shiba Inu Pet Selection Chest” and “Players that purchased the item” in that post and says nothing about the special package. That leads me to think that they are not addressing the issue of inadvertently tricking people into buying the more expensive item.

oh yeah, I see your point now, I hope my theory is right tho

This is perfect for AGS really. They made more money with that pet release then they would have if it had released properly. They won’t refund the special package since ‘the price is as advertised’.

Most importantly, people who bought it are most likely a niche amount of player who do not care to spend some bucks, and frequently do so. Basically they overcharged some addicts that won’t say much about it since they need to do dailies.

Literally perfect scenario for AGS

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Haven’t got a refund for being tricked into buying the special package yet for 2400 royal crystals. Guess I am never buying anything from AGS again.

You won’t get a refund if you bought the Special Package.

Contact Customer Support and you get this:

From @Diamyx’s reply

Yeah my friends and I all bought the special pack. The wallpaper is cool. Crystal and pet ranch stuff are okay. Don’t know about them but I don’t really care much about the crystal difference between the special pack and the (now corrected) stand-alone pet, which is like $10? In fact I think it’s not worth it to buy individual mount/pet. I always buy those in packages.

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You weren’t tricked. You made a decision to buy it. Own up to it.

For me it just seemed like a better deal. For me the thinking was you can buy the special bundle once and if you wanted extra pets you needed to buy them separately with no special wallpaper included. KInd of like when you buy a subscription they give you a free T-shirt but the second month costs the same without the swag.

I didn’t feel cheated or tricked.

Yeah I’m owning up to it by never buying a thing from the Mari shop again. I’ll just play slowly and casually because I like the game and my friends are playing it.