AGS Please do not delay or cancel REAPER

I want you to please, with all the chaos and panic today, don’t cancel or delay the release of “Reaper”

PLS @Roxx not delay or cancel update :frowning:

At this point, I believe the team is capable of doing everything wrong while finding all sorts of hilarious excuses to keep their job.


I feel that this show is to delay its launch or cancel it.

whats a reaper?

3° Class Assasins

The November Update will still roll out as planned, and patch notes will be released tomorrow.


Rule 1: If you are playing Lost Ark, never trust a patch date given by AGS until the servers come back and you see the patch arrived by your eyes.

Rule 2: Never forget Rule 1!


Will it only be released for those that login early before it gets removed or will all be able to make one?


At this point I don’t even care about any new class releases.

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And once those who get on early have made their character while everyone else couldnt, will there be emergency 8 hour maintenance for the non exploiters to remove but let the exploiters keep it, because “you caught it early and dont want to cause thrash” and tell the rest to wait till next maintenace for release and “vitameow goodies”.


For everybody or just those who log in at the right time?


This is going to be the new GG Amazon for the next few months, ain’t it? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Please pass the toxicity elsewhere, there is already an answer to the Pheon topic

Thanks very much <3

Scouter arcanist and destroyer were all fine, none of them had extended maint

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