AGS Please Give us OCE/SEA Players a Solution!

Hi Amazon Team,

Since the use of VPN has been blocked today, it leave us SEA/OCE players back to playing with high and unstable ping 200-250 MS.

This obviously is not ideal in the months to come when we get harder and harder content for us to progress in. i.e. Valtan, Vykass, and Abrelshud.

Even you would know and can see what happens when you try to play with 200+ MS and trying to avoid mechanics.

The most obvious solution is to give us an OCE/SEA dedicated region/server so that we can enjoy playing this game without complaining about ping issues.

Yes, this sucks not going to lie. Playing 250MS constantly is annoying and it ruins the game for us. We implore you to please give us a solution on how we can work around this issue so that we can enjoy Lost Ark.

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They literally can’t do this because of gambo laws, good luck tho

They don’t have to put the in AU/NZ, just put it anywhere in this part world.

What I’d like to know is just how damn terrible your ISPs are over there. It shows that the route being used by your ISPs are complete trash, even to a popular distributed service like AWS.

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I think this needs some more thoughts, facts and investigation.
Amazon is hosting servers/infrastructure across the globe.
A recent example would be the part where EU-Central (Frankfurt) got bombed out by user demand and Amazon opened EU-West (not sure here if EUW-1-Dublin or EUW2-London)

That helped a lot.
If you’re hanging out in APAC, I’d wonder where you connect to.
New Zealand should be anchored on APAC Southeast, not APAC Northeast.

If your VPN provider gets you a better RTT on Ping/latency than a direct, native connection, that’s somewhere between interesting and worrying.

On the othe hand, Amazon is quite likely obligated by legal requirements.
As an example, Belgium does not allow Lost Ark due to the nature of the “casino gambling” mechanics in the shop for certain packages.
An obvious example here would be a user in BE coming in via VPN from a UK IP and thereby circumventing these rules.
Simple fact of the matter ?
That’s illegal and the subsequent lawsuit would be on Amazon’s bill, not on the “creative user” or their VPN provider.

I do not think that a carpet-ban on known VPN vendor IP ranges is helping at all here - give that 3 days and those vendors will have adjusted and obtained new IP ranges to present.

Doing Argos with 150-170 ping: just a bit of practise and clearing pizza no problem.

Doing Argos with 200+ ping: dies during pizza while standing on the right slice??!!

Either give us OCE server (with server transfer) or allow VPN for legit players again. There has to be a solution for people affected. A lot of us are paying customers, while others have put much effort and time into the game. Don’t disrespect us with complete silence.


They will tell you to reroll into a Chadlancer and eat those slices.

Facts on the table, please.
What server in which region are you connecting to ?

How do you do so ?
I’m happy to engage on a 1)1 with probs a Zoom meeting to help getting some facts together that could produce evidence to Amazon with regards to their infrastructure and deployment.