@AGS Please, revert the Guardian raids 50% more hp change! Reason inside!

Wrong. These were the original values of T1 and T2. You want it to be equal to the catchup version. The catchup version is NOT the version they were originally designed for. The only reason the catchup versions exist are because the regions had already been exposed to years of T1/T2 guardian raids already and just wanted to fast track the way to T3. You are used to the catchup versions on beta and have no idea what the game used to be like.

As far as I remember, it might be a lot more than 50% hp…which definitely makes stagger and break checks a lot more brutal.

But they are. They used to be endgame content when they were in the game. There were no legion raids, I swear to you…you have zero idea what this game had and why it had it.

This is all hindsighted garbage and has no perspective.

And due to your lack of perspective, you don’t know that the change BACK to the catchup version will happen after we’ve been exposed to the t1/t2 versions of these old guardians long enough. Maybe as early as 1-2 months.


Do you have a source for the 50%?

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If there is actually a 50% hp increase currently then I support it and I think it should stay this way. There are too many people following guides and boosting ilvl and not learning the basic mechanics of the game even with the hp boost. At least for some the hp can gatekeep and slow down some players so they’re forced to learn. If you know what you’re doing the “hp increase” is unnoticeable.

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You dont learn basic mechanics by giving a Boss Monster more HP.
Having more HP doesnt make bosses harder just more tedious and off-putting.

If anything they could alteast add a health bar on the boss, cause it feels like theres no progress going in killing it.


Actually, you do. Longer experience history with monsters is what will create familiarity with the mechanics. Nice try though, perhaps play longer than a month before calling something tedious because I guarantee people who have experience in the game don’t even notice a meaningful difference. The mode is meant to be Monster Hunter-esque and part of that is paying attention to boss patterns instead of mindlessly looking at a health bar to determine everything for you. You can tell the phases of bosses based on attack patterns and other visual queues.

We appreciate all of the varied discussion on this topic and have been watching player feedback closely. We’ll have an update to share on Guardian Raids and such soon.


I played on RU/KR so to me these bosses are all tedious if they dont die as fast as im used to.
As far as im concerned i perform better than most people in the parties im paired with so far, even using battle items to make it eassier. So yeah dunno, for tier 1 atleast id rather i be mindless /shrug

As fast as you’re used to is likely just Mokoko buff. Complaining you don’t have that is nonsense. If you’re actually an experienced player you should be well beyond tier 1 and that shouldn’t even be a concern you have any longer. No clue what you’re on about but I doubt your statement is true.

What about the Thar avatar on the forum? I was serious about that. The lack of him as avatar is painful. :frowning:

No they are already to easy.

Post a screenshot on the highes level Guardian raids of your with the times. Full screen plz, not cropped. :slight_smile:

Yeah, as they are I’m not even bothering with them as content, too tedious.

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Seems like a middle ground could be having a ‘hard mode’ attached to guardians to get a chance at slightly more mats. Casuals can have their easier content and hardcore can have theirs.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:


You will get hard mode after lvl 2 Guardians, that wont be easy but still managable.

More Hp only good for time consuming, the challenge is still there with the mechanics.

If you can do mechanics for 5 minute, I can certainly say that you can do that for 10 min too. Longer fight only needs more focus, not more skill.

More hp is just more struggle.

Then make all guards have hp for 8skills, press all your skills, kill guard. Same logic, if you can press 8 skills, you can press them again, no point in doing some complicated bossfights, if in the end its all skill mashing

I think you are missing a point. The point is balance. Balance between:

  • Rewards for the challenge should be worthy
  • The time you invest must feel reasonable
  • The challenge must be a learning curve, not a strugle
  • A daily mission should respect your time and keep the challenge fun so you wont get frustrated doing it day by day.

That’s what is this about.
Also, I would like to ask you to post a picture about your clears.
If you are not doing that, please, just remember… you will struggle with lvl3 guardians, even if they are not buffed…

Let me ask you: Did you even beat Tytalos with a pug?


7 minutes should be fast enough for a guardian, i think thats not to long and everybody should have that much time a day: https://i.imgur.com/leL583w.jpeg

Yeah, this , with the right ilvl and with a pug should be fine. However, I bet that wasn’t the first try and something tells me that wasn’t pug. If not, than you actually played with some people whose are above avarage.

If you even see reddit, you can see that people are even having real hard times on lvl2 with pugs. Again, yes, that should be a normal and fine experience with your clear time.

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Frist try was like 9 minutes which is still fine for me, and first try was with PUG. 7 Minutes with 2 Friends.

I mean, overally how much tme. You have to considers fail too, not the kill time. If it’s 7 min , I think it’s fine if you fail once. However, if Guardians have to take 10 min and because of that … let’s say you try 3 times and you go for 9 min and you fail before it would die… just imagine how time consuming is that.

That’s the problem and with pugs, it’s currently their and that’s a problem, cause they are nothing but daily material farm quests.

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