@AGS Please, revert the Guardian raids 50% more hp change! Reason inside!

To be honest I don’t understand what exactly is the buff to HP supposed to accomplish. Game’s been out for years and somehow suddenly the guardians need a buff? Because some “fun-lovers” said so? Aight.

Here’s a reality check, I’m currently at Achates and I’ll be sending dispatches to take care of him the moment I pass him. Is this how you want the game to be played? There’s a thin line between challenging and just straight up tedious and +50% hp leans more on the “why would I even bother again” side.


The opposite of this. For farming, people should be able to go for a guardian that is not the highest possible, and trade lower rewards for speed, instead of complaining about always having long fights.

Here is another reality check. Where, except for first post, is stated that we have+50%? Where that’s announced? Proven? Earlier in this thread i posted screens with comparing how long killing veritas takes on eu and ru server (server is approx 2 years old and has nothing to do with ags, friendly reminder). And surprise, it takes approximately same time. And even the guy above published calculations of hp, and they seem real. I will do same method on ru server tonight and post results here too.
I really wanna see, who tf pulled this "ags did +50% hp, no other region has that

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im waiting for your tests :slight_smile:
although i think they changed something on last maintance in this department as its going much faster or i “git gud” suddenly :slight_smile:

There was a post by a forum moderator saying the team will look into all the feedback regarding guardian raids. The way I see it, if the guardians were not buffed it would take a 1 minute post to say exactly that and these countless discussions are put to an end. Instead, they’re evaluating the feedback?

As for the comparison - by all means, do compare. Maybe you’ll be the first to actually put the discussion to rest (assuming the testing is objective enough as there are many variables in the fights).

Yup, something definetly got changed cause it takes 3 min now to get a low lvl guardian.

u just outgearing them… i could clear low level guardian solo in like 1 minute.

Nah, went there on my alt on the minimum ilvl, defiently not the same on lvl1-2 guardians.

Edit: Tested again, nope, they still have the + Hp.

This, 100% this.

which one u made, i redo it and calcualte the HP. if its different from 4days ago. then they changed something

Then… play those other western games?

Hate to break it to you, but this is neither a western game, nor is it trying to be. It’s a korean mmo and those are by design (meaning, most if not all of them are) to grind your ass off. Korean mmos aren’t for everyone and I can respect that, but don’t bring your “REEE I want to play this game, but I actually don’t want to play I just want to watch reward-collecting simulator” attitude into this.

Why do people that DoN’t HaVe TiMe for certains things just don’t look for other options? Why do you want to speed through t1/2 when you’ll quit at t3 anyway because at that point your sorry excuses about “t1/2 are outdated” won’t work anymore and you’ll hit a point where you will have to spend even more time on grinding than you do now?

The official launch has been 2 weeks and y’all already running out of patience to do basic content, idk, but maybe korean grind mmos just aren’t for you? MMOs are made to be played over YEARS. How trash would this game be if even the most casual (Meaning, not even an hour a day) could reach end-end-game (in this case t3) in 2 weeks. This game would be dead by next week.

Do you know what kills most mmos (aside from being bad games of course)? Content draught. Do you know what you guys force with outcrys like this? Content draught.

I don’t have much money as I don’t work fulltime, hence I have more time doing things I enjoy. This is the life I chose, trade off having a buttload of money for actually having the time in my life to spend the money(and time) I have on things I want to spend them on. In turn, I can’t really enjoy things that are either expensive or would sum up quickly over time(Eating out instead of cooking myself for example), which you could I presume. And that’s fine. You trade off your time for having a good amount of money, so you can spend that little time you have on mostly everything you wish (Maybe not hanging out on a yacht I guess, but you probably don’t have to worry much about spending a bit here and there).

Having said that, Korean MMOs, which Lost Ark is, are designed for players like me. Buttload of time on their hands and can smash their head against grinding content for hours and hours on end. But not for you. If you don’t have the time for games like that, then that’s simply how things are. Go find another game that supports your schedule and don’t try to force it into literally everything you come across.

TL;DR, if TIME is your problem with them having much hp, then Lost Ark isn’t for you. Because the content you so desperately want to reach so fast is nothing but the exact same you complain about, but 10x worse.

Rant over! Back to being cozy now.

(Edit: And sorry if there are some errors here and there. I have a habit of changing HOW I want to say things mid-sentence, combined with the fact I type fast there’ll be some cases where you may see the start of a sentence not really fitting with how it ended.)


Based on hx, then korean MMO’s, including this one, won’t survive in the West. Every MMO in the west started gradually and then heavily catering to the “casual” audience because it is likely the much larger audience. Other Korean MMO’s that have came to the US have not survived very long. Folks that say “you should quit” or “Korean MMO’s aren’t for you” lack vision because if that’s true and the casual audience does quit in droves, this Korean MMO will have similar fates to the others. BDO has what? sub 15K active players currently?

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yeah those are the nolifer people. that dont realise. if content is to hard, grindy or not adjusted for western audience the game will die… Guess why Wildstar had to close the server… Cause Wildstar was balanced arround hardcore people… And then only 10 players played the game, cause all normal humans quitted.

So everyone with their “git gut” attitude is wrong. Cause people dont want to git gut, they want to play the game. if they cant play the game they quit… And spoiler. Those people are not part of discord, reddit or forums… those people dont even read the patchnotes or anything, they just press Play and go in… if they get bored they quit.


Not every game needs to be WoW or FF. If they start dropping to sub 20k active players on the west, then so be it. I still love B&S, TERA and BD (Not O as it’s only Black Desert now). That’s one of the main problems of western culture, if something isn’t top 1 in twitch and steam charts it’s “hot garbage, don’t even bother downloading”-Tier.

All of my mentioned games are still surviving. Some like TERA are shutting down in certain areas (In TERA’s case in Japan), but I mean TERA is over a decade old now and by your standard this game was dead back in 2013 or something. And for a game that’s been dying for almost 10 years to only close their japanese branch (Which basically is irrelevant to the western discussion here) that’s pretty good I’d say.

I stand by what I said. Game’s not for you and that’s fine. Most of the “casual” playerbase will be gone by the end of march even if they start catering towards them today. Because, shocker, if they start catering to them they will run out of content very, very fast.

I just want you to understand that even if they will cater towards casuals, the ENTIRE NATURE of this game will drive them away by itself once they reach the endgame. What you currently complain about as “tedious grind” is not even a fraction of what’s to come. Because that’s what Korean MMOs are, you grind so you can grind even more to finally reach the next grind. There’s no changing that.

Yes, they are currently in the game and enjoying their time. People that are on the forums are the ones complaining, myself included. As much as you want to try, while you are part of the casual audience, you’re still a vocal minority. I’ve yet to see literally ANYONE ingame complain about guardian raids being too long. Because, spoiler, people see the guardian raids as a none issue, because they aren’t.

Daily “chores” are done in like 25-30 minutes, including Guardians and Unas.(5ish minutes for both Chaos Dungeons combined, with smart Bifrost positioning your Unas shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes and the rest is Guardians) Alts are not needed, they are a nice bonus for people that have the time, which is not a design flaw. If you think 25-30 minutes of your time is too long then … idk what to tell you. Plus, nobody is forcing you to do Guardians, honestly I myself don’t even bother with them most of the time, only do them when I fancy myself a bossfight. Skipping a week or 2 of guardians throws your progress back for like one day, if that. Trust me, do some islands and you’ll have so many mats you’ll have some left over after reaching the next tier. Guardians are more of a bonus content, don’t do them for mats, honest advice.

Edit because I feel I need to mention this : I’m not against stuff like lowering Guardian HP, I only want to warn you that Guardian HP is the last thing you need to worry about if you are low on time. By the time the next big content update drops you’ll be tier 3 even if you take all the time in the world. So stop trying to rush things if you don’t have the time, take the time that you DO have to go adventuring this vast world.

Except that a lot of people seem to be getting sidetracked from the actual question posted in the title. The main question is guardians having more hp because… yes? As far as I know this is a theory that has not yet been denied by the devs. Noone’s asking to “cater to the casuals” and “ruin the game”. Why not just let the players enjoy the same mechanics?

They have more HP because those are the original numbers from KR when T1/T2 was still viable content.

They are only nerfed by 50% in KR/RU because on those server they are YEARS past T1/T2 content and nerfed them so people can rush through it with their alts. For us, they are still new content and T1/T2 is still where most people are, so we get the intended version of them.

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Neither is it confirmed. You’re right, the question is where it is stated that the buff is or was 50% more guardian HP. Nobody can say… everybody ignores that.

I have read a lot of comments complaining about the time of guardian raids. I don’t see that is a problem, it takes me a lot of time too. I play a guardian every 2 days.

so i did tytalos on ru and eu
for eu hit 1041998 , end boss hp 92.7. by doing simple math we get total 14273945 hp.
for ru hit 1122244 , end boss hp 92.1 . with same math total hp is 14205620 hp.
So, hp is basically same, with some minor errors due to roundings. i wont bother with doing other guardians, since my values are same as in this @AGS Please, revert the Guardian raids 50% more hp change! Reason inside! - #261 by WaifuJanna that @WaifuJanna did. Now question is,
when did AGS increased hp for ru region too, based on our beta feedback?
@Athem how can you answer on this proof? Or will you still just ignore?
Uncut videos of tests below
HP test RU 01.03.2022 - YouTube
HP test EU 01.03.2022 - YouTube


The director also intends for NA/EU to catch up to Korea as soon as possible, so it makes no sense to give us the years old content version.