@AGS Please, revert the Guardian raids 50% more hp change! Reason inside!

The director also intends for NA/EU to catch up to Korea as soon as possible, so it makes no sense to give us the years old content version.

More people need to see this.

Just let us one shot everything already! :joy:

Who said games needed to be WOW or FF14? I am not even necessarily asserting the game needs massive changes. I am glad you still enjoy those games. I guess? I would rather LA thrive not limp along in the West. Regardless of anyone’s feelings on it, the Western market is different than the eastern market and the game will most likely need to adapt to some or part of those differences to have a fighting chance at sustainability.

I don’t even consider myself that casual - I have 1 character at 1090, 1 character at 900, 1 character at 840, 1 character at 520 and three at 340. I also bought all founders pack and the release date pack. I LOVE to support games I love (don’t even get me started how much money I spent on fashion wars in GW2 and POE). I love the game. However, I also know from hx that if a middle ground isn’t sought and maintained between the casual audience and the hardcore audience, the game itself will suffer. If hitting that middle ground keeps the game thriving, I am all for it because I would like to continue to see it be successful and continue to enjoy it.

You took the words right out of my “mouth” dude! Best comment!

Players that do guardian Raids need to seriously learn how to counter the Guardian!
Most korean players can`t stop explaining how important this is!
I wonder how many of those that complain of HP actually noticed the difference in time between countering a boss 3-4 times to 0 times.

To catch up to the KR server we’d also need Legion Raids, more classes and whatever else they have (Also Skins, but that’s not gameplay related).

We don’t even have T3 endgame yet, sure Abyssal Dungeons, but honestly as long as Legion Raids aren’t out T3 has no endgame. And until we have no T3 endgame, there’s literally no reason to get us faster to T3.

In other words, we don’t even have the content you want to catch up to. Once real endgame hit’s by all means nerf the hell out of T1/T2 idc. But as long as it’s still our endgame and T3 being “no content brickwall” for now, there’s no reason to do that, quite the contrary, it will burn out the playerbase even faster and will kill the game before the next content update hits.

Take your god damn time with the game, it’s an MMO. Meant to be played for years, even decades. Not something you chew through the main story once and throw it out. Do you know how long it’ll take to reach max progression with ONE character? 2 1/2 years and that’s with being optimal on mat funneling with alts. Let that sink in and then reevaluate if you really want to rush to T3 now and have no content for an unknown amount of time.

Upvote for awareness, and anybody hoping on the bandwagon thinking its too hard.

I also want to spread awareness of the various mechanics/basics people need to know for guardians/bosses in general

A visual guide by easy of basic stagger, counter and part breaking


Nerfing is good.

Live with the nerf, or play the game with one hand for extra challenge?

let the guy who create this post and other people who have same argument like him getting mocked by other players because they said the dungeons are too hard… someone already make video mocking them on the YouTube, lol.

Miriey made a post debunking the +50% guardian raid HP buff compared to KR/RU. Should still be on the front page.

in all fairness. I struggled as a new player with some guardians.

It started with Flame Fox Yoho. Took me a good while to get this one figured out.
When I thought it couldn’t get worse, I encountered Tytalos… what a absolute shitshow that was :slight_smile:

The next challenging one by far was Achates. Which took quite a bit of time as well.
And the next one that was insanely hard was Alberhastic. It took quite some time to figure out all his rotations and skills and multiple wipe mechanics.

Having said all that. I truly enjoyed the experience minus all the LFG matchmaking toxicity and pugging drama. Because lets be real… that is the real issue here that people give up very quickly if things don’t go well. Or, the other side only accepts people who absolutely now every detail.

There is no middleground here at all. Which is sad.

Yeah the pub lobbies are mostly trash, thats why i prefer guild / friends… But let me ask you something. Didn’t fighting your way through these bosses and sitting through the struggles it can provide improve your gameplay and understanding of the game? Cause i would surely think so…
And exactly that not happening will merely crush ppl that reach t3 later on.

They did, thats why I am neither against or for a slight nerf on these bosses. I have no problems myself with the guardians. I enjoy their challenges. And these skills are also needed so I don’t fail in later content. So I personally think nerfing is only delaying the core issue… And the core issue is the toxicity in Matchmaking that millions of people face daily right now.

And I know I would personally enjoy it more if the matchmaking would be a bit more friendly and forgiving to new players. So they can feel less pressured to do everything right from the beginning and can actually learn toxic free.

Sure guilds and friends is the easiest way forward to dont get all that stress and public shaming. Unfortunately this isn’t the case for many people. They are either in guilds who don’t group up together or not have enough friends to play with. And there is also the struggle that everyone is locked in their own tier.

I have good friends who I have not been able to play with for the last 3 weeks. But we do talk to eachother daily on discord etc. Everyone is busy with their own things and their own progression.

The community needs to make a collective effort to make matchmaking and LFGs a bit more forgiving. Look at some other communities like FF XIV or guild wars where they are more accepting to new players.

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Yeah you are right, the community has to grow on a human level in this regards.
But I’m sure you’ll meet your friends in t3 again. And you guys’ll have a blast with it cause you fought your way to get there in the first place.

This game has other problems than bosses beeing too hard. And thats a fact :slight_smile:

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It’s funny how you keep comparing “this is a raid and all it does is give mats, and not endgame content” wtf do you think you do endgame content for? if you don’t know shit don’t talk shit, you say “I cleared WoW end-game raids many times and also managed to do end-game raids in FFXIV” why tf would you do that?, if you are just there to watch the story or visuals you can just do it once, or even head over to youtube. Both Endgame content and Guardian raids give rewards, and if you actually play the game the Guardian Raids actually gets easier. I understand why you complain, but this game doesn’t need nerf, don’t be a crybaby about it. you even said it your self “Tier 2 is introducing wipe mechanics, again… slowely and make players farming mats + learning these essential tricks along with interrupts and positioning.”, you said “learning essential tricks” you are LEARNING, think of it this way you hope to do calculus without learning algebra… then how tf are you going to pass Calculus?? get a bus to carry? pay someone to carry? the reason why it’s hard in the first place is so you can learn. go ahead and try do the dungeon in t1 and t2 again I wanna see if you would still find it as difficult as it was, you can go and try using an alt that fits the requirement. Stop complaining and learn, don’t be a crybaby about it. Next you are complaining about servers, everyone has the same problem as you, you are not the only one, does anyone blame lag for why they can clear raids fast? NO, most people blame their team and themselves for not getting the mechanics right, but not you, all you could do is complain about it and hope someone fix it for you, like I wouldn’t be surprise if you said you bought your ffxiv and wow accounts, cuz that’s just how lazy you seems to be, you don’t try you cry. I don’t wanna talk too much more on this, but stop crying man, solve your own problem, complain once the problem becomes clear; such as server lags don’t complain on this useless garbage. end of the story is if you think t1 and t2 guardian raids are too hard your just terrible in this games, there’s soo much resources out there you can learn takes 2-5 mins to understand, and if you can’t even understand that then i suggest you find help

I already told everything here what I wanted:

As I see… I can clear everything and cleared everything on my ilvl when I reached that. If someone from AGS wants to, they can share my stats on that how much time I had to try on guardians. I did each of them till now in pug/solo.

Bruh why did you scare him off man, now he doesn’t reply to this since he knows he’s wrong lol

We actually do not have the +50%hp (you can look at some comparatives on youtube). So yep… it’s not stated because the buff does not exist!

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