@AGS Please, revert the Guardian raids 50% more hp change! Reason inside!

TBH difficulty is just irght, if it’s too hard for you, grind some more Ilvl.

Pro tips: turn screen on helps
Pro tips 2 : WoW this way =>

So, I just wanted to ask, do you have any proof that there’s an actual 50% HP buff on our current guardians? Is there an actual patch with numbers? Did you try it out?

Having played a lot on RU, most of the Guardians feels exactly the same and some already feel easier.

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This Game would be Extremely Boring If you nerf the content because If everything becomes Easy… Its bad enough we have to deal with RNG for Honing Gear and My Opinion is the Percentages on honing gear is messed up (Failing 92 and 90%'s back to back just doesn’t seem right to me but Not complaining still grinding) But then just flying through content. Its going to become “Easy” and then not worth playing. I Say leave the Difficulty alone and let people learn… People need to realize that you cannot Faceroll your keyboard to beat things in this game like everyone did during the story missions. It’s Only been upcoming 1 month, Do research on how to be certain fights, Look up mechanics, Stagger checks and Weakpoints, battle items (which people sleep on apparently) that way when you complete the raid/abyssal you get a sense of “YAY WE GOT IT BOYZ n GIRLZ” feeling and its awesome. 10% Success lol That’s fine that number will increase once people get the mechanics down. But this is also what separate’s the players that are doing mechanics and who is not.

Surely someone has video proof of this rumor by now? Supposedly started and also retracted by Saintone?

6 minutes is not a sensible time? Perhaps players like yourself are the issue. Many of these “Mechanics” were learned in the early stages of life.

  • Matching Colors
  • Counting
  • Shapes
  • Patterns

I know these are hard to mechanics to comprehend. But I can tell you my two year daughter knows how to put a square block into square hole. And not the circle… Logic!

People need to take advantage of resources out there. Take the two minutes to research the fight before queing maybe? Instead people like yourself choose to be lazy and want everything handed to you. The rest of us want to earn our keep, And feel rewarded for the effort.

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Can you post this on reddit also.

im going to use this as reference this is pretty straightforward, if people can’t even be bothered to do basic math after seeing this and arguing about needing identical stats they need to go back to elementary school, a 50% hp increase would not result in a 0.6% deviation in health remaining given the ilvl of both tests in both different regions are of adjacent identical aspect, 10 ilvls apart does not make for a dramatic different in HP loss on the boss even at high levels. based on that singular hit in both videos one can easily estimate the boss health having 1million damage equaling nearly 8% of its total max health means the boss is approximately. that means the boss is 10% health is about 1.25million which means the boss has 12million health, if it was 50% buffed the boss should have 18million health on NA/EU and a 1mil hit would result in 5.5% hp loss, if you think 0.6% deviation just due to tiny stat difference is equivalent to 50% health increase on our region you’re a joker.

and the people saying to account for crits simply don’t even know the game, crits are in different colors for the number both are white grey and consistent in the same boss conditions, we’re testing for boss health not the char stats wtf. Unreal, NA/EU exposing itself to being heavily ignorant and remaining that way.

good work Miriey

The 50% hp increase was a rumor tho:

Where did you get those numers about the 50% hp increase?

We baby mode now :rofl::

Well it certainly is already boring hitting them for 10 min straight so yeah I wouldn’t mind it .

There are videos already and Athem won’t respond to that.

Then you just need to get better at the game, you can kill them in like 5 minutes.

I already responded and I even uploaded pictures where I actually soload a 4 people group guardian.

These Guardians were overtuned for a daily content. As you see, I have no problem soloing, killing them in 4 man group or whatever.

I can certainly say that: This guy is someone who tries to prove something over these guardian raids (Just imagine making this video about me being a problem, and yet now I posted the screenshots and turns out he is actually not even as competent as me it seems. Lol… True Chad! Being so narcisstic that he can not even think that someone who is better than him thinks the content needs a nerf… How pathetic…)

You can see pictures above, before the nerfs, I did kill these bastards even with 3 people dead after 1 minute.

I bet that many of you here can not even do that yet think it’s fine for them to be this time consuming.

This guy literally say that this server will be a baby server.

On that logic, if he can’t lift the same weight as me, he is a baby boy… so, he is basicly a baby boy.

Also, I do not really see the point to trust in random guy’s number. IF AGS will state that they didn’t change anything and it’s the same as the KR version hp…ok, be it.

However that wont change the fact that no one in the right mind want to spend more time on legacy content than they must. What for? You got nothing from it.

Also, I’m saying this like I can do something, the most of you can not or just show me where you do the same on Tytalos as me before the nerfs. Go ahead!

Screenshots in the top post and also found here.

Btw, the guy who made the video… well, if you think this is the right attitude and you actually have such a hard minority complex that you are messuring yourself over achievements in a game… I suggest you to not play this but look for professional help.

Moxx responding to your post doesn’t confirm this 50% HP increase you talk about tho, because he didn’t even mentioned it before.

Oh, here comes the “go for mental help” response. People are giving proofs countering what you are stating for with videos, and the only think you can do is uploading screenshots of you clearing isn’t even related to that.
Sorry, but it seems that you have to take your own advice if the best you can do is judge the mental health of another person to try to have a discusion.

Yes, this is because he thinks he is special and better than anyone. Yet, I was just not posting these pictures because it’s not relevant if I kill them.

Simply because this content shouldn’t take that much time and it’s not normal that you actually have these guardians here thinking they are somewhat challenges.

Even this idiot thinks himself as a special someone just because he can clear them solo in 7 min… I could say git good cause I can kill a 4 group one in that time (ofc, the lower tier ones), but that’s not the point: The point is accessibility and reward and time balance.

I already wrote down in a long post why I think this is important and no… I do not want to play with players like the one who made the video and has minority complex.

You can read it here if you want.

Also, stop being elitist when actually even on this forums…you guys are not even able to do what I can do, only a small percentage of your maybe.

I can guarantee for example, that you can not do the same as me as the pictures above show. And before you say that those were not a pug: You can clearly see that they are on a different server. So good luck, please, prove me wrong and do the same as me.

I agree that the T1/T2 content should do a better job in teaching you how to counter some mechanics. I also agree that people can just start learning from T3, but there’s another issue that will also comes with these nerfs and it’s that the other regions have been out for while unlike our servers. You see Paladins a Warlords dying non-stop because they are not even using engraving stones or using negative passives. I feel like 3 weeks is way too little time for people to still reach endgame (because they are playing at their own pace), while others to understand why they are failing.

I honestly feel like people don’t understand the point at all, if our region had extra hp revert it and if it doesn’t leave it. it’s that simple and its just so much time consuming even more than abyss raids for a daily content. it has nothing to do with hard or easy if its just more hp.

If people do not want to play T1/T2 cause it’s a legacy content and perfectly skippable and they do not feel the urge to clear them, they wont learn anything from them, cause they will simply not play them.

Want them to learn mechanics? The way is not keeping them the way as they are so no one will play them for 0 reward but instead make them time worthy challenges.

As you see, I’m not among the ones who can’t clear anything, I fairly easily can do them all (not going to do them on my alt’s cause it’s not worth the time with pugs in the current state.).

And again, these guys whose are complaining… just look at them, most of them are getting carried over these contents by the ones like me. Want me to show screenshots where the dead guy, who did nothing in the fight sais it’s not challenging and easy content?

This disgusts me the most…and the fact that people are so elitist that they just want to take away the chance from casuals to enjoy the game.

Yes: if you think that way, you should look for professional help cause that’s called minority complex, just as the one who made the video.

An MMO (overall a game’s) purpose is to be fun and being accessible by everyone. FFXIV does this best currently.

People here actually complaining that now more people will be able to do these contents.

Instead they could just ask for more difficulity settings with higher ones but no…that’s not enough cause that way others can clear the easier ones.

Again: I’m saying this as one who has no problem clearing everything with a pug. So… I think I’m pretty much right.

It’s a great post that unfortunately due to Nerd mechanics the children don’t understand what the adults are trying to achieve and are crying “Don’t nerf”.

They cry about “bad Randoms” yet refuse to make a pre made party (prob because their toxic elitist attitude leaves them unable to make friends).

They cry because lowing Boss HP “Makes it too easy” and yet it doesn’t make it easier just take less time.

They cry “But your a snowflake and bad” but don’t realise 90% of players are failing and they personally are part of the 90% and smoking copium.

They don’t realise the knock on effect of having to farm twice as many potions leaving little energy to farm or level other trade skills because living in a bubble has lowered their I.Q somewhat.

So AGS I applaud your changes and am real about it all, and dont listen to the children crying because if it’s all about the challenge? I challenge these amazing players who used one HP potion since launch to take some armour off and do these events with lower gear score or less abilities on their bar.

But they wont because that would require taking some responsibility/accountability for their own time and actions instead they want to spam cry “Don’t nerf Im special!!”


Just look at this. This is the kind of guy who think this content is too easy:

Many of them is like this. I can’t even count have many of them got carried by me and by other players and they are always the ones whose are dead and do not know mechanics. They are getting carried and now they are talking.