@AGS Please, revert the Guardian raids 50% more hp change! Reason inside!

Your Screenshots immediately proof that you are bad lmao. You are using Purple pots when you would not need a single green Pot if you actually knew how to dodge and do mechanics. It is a player Issue and not a Guardian Raid issue. You are using a Crit Pet while playing Deathblade a Specialization Class. Wouldn’t be surprised if you had no Class Engraving either. Have you considered actually improving and informing yourself instead of complaining? Right now you look like a bad Player that can’t accept the truth about being bad.

I have done all Guardians in pugs on all my Characters and none took more than 8minutes. Some when people actually did stagger checks and the mechanics were done in 4-6minutes. The main issue is people running horrible Stats, no Engravings and not using any Battle Items. Out of all my pug runs only once did i see Nacrasenas tail being destroyed in T1 and that honestly is pretty sad and shows the exact issue. It is not the HP or difficulty of the fight it is a player Issue.

Your Screenshots proof absolutely nothing except your incompetence. You are dismissing literal proof of the 50% HP buff not existing just because you want to live in your delusional world where you think you are carrying people. Just accept that it is a you issue and not the games fault. If you would actually be good you could carry all these Guardians in sub 10minutes for a 4man Pug but you are posting Screenshoots of you almost running out of time which means you are just as bad.

can people maybe stop those 50% hp claims?

there was never an official patchnotes saying that, its basicly some made up stuff from youtube.
its allready debunked, that they indeed die just as quick on eu/na as they du on ru servers for example

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I’m going for remaining energy and super charge lvl 3 but because of the legacy content, ofc I will use the ones I found, cause this gear wont last long but what…7 days? Why should I aim for perfect engravings in a gear I willl change right away?

About the potions: Please, show me where you do the same as me and then talk.

Oh, yeah, I know that my character is spec related , believe or not, even I can read maxroll.gg which you just did.) However, these are legacy contents and honestly, I do not have to do anything to clear these till I go to T3 and I use my pet on my alts too and I wont do shit, till I got to end game.

If you are even going super hard before T3 that means, you are just simply bad… cause you should be able to clear everything without breaking a sweat. How about this?

As I said, look at the dmg… That means I almost run out of time soloing a 4 man boss.

Mate, come on… post a picture now where you do the same. I’m waiting. Spoiler: You wont.

Btw, you are the same as this guy:

I had a similar run with pugs where I had like 60% dmg dealt and my entire group was dead and I was only 20 ilvls higher than nacrasena and it still took around 15mins, but according to the players that complain it seems like they want me to somehow make a static for guardian raids like what the @#$@ is wrong with people. its a freaking easy daily content I don’t see the reason why it shouldn’t be easier for the casuals that struggle or don’t have the time. These nerfs will certainly make match making experience much better for solo players like me not because it’s “hard” but because its less time consuming as I already play multiple alts. I would love these whiners to go and do vertus with equal item lvl (assuming everyone on the group with similar ilvl as well) on matchmaking and I would love to hear their success rate with randoms and how quick they manage to kill, but I can already guess none of them will even try.

even this korean player agrees these changes are good.

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Exactly… They are crying cause more people will be able to clear these guys. Just imagine the problem in the heads when they are angry over that!

I mean it… How bad is the problem when you actually cry because others will be able to do them too?

I personally can’t wait for the nerfs so I wont have spend this much time with these guys and I will be able to help my friends without going crazy bored during the fight.

a game that requires you to play 10h a day is a failed game, just saying


no one forces you to play 10h a day just play it shorter. ofc you make slower progress. casuals want everytime everything for free and now.

Feel free to repost, i don’t have time and care to repost elsewhere, especially since ags don’t give a f to any reasonable topics. Watch today’s dev tracker, they didn’t said a word for hottest recent topic.
I wouldn’t even cared to do these comparisons, if not for insanely huge amount of braindead bandwagoneers pulling info from god knows where and refering to it as a 100% true statement

you are missing the point . The problem is not me . Im giving an example . No one likes smaccing a boss for 10+ min straight its boring good lord

LOL no we dont thats what u guys who rushed to T3 want ! not us Casuals !

Btw, everyone here who complains about the nerfs:

What’s the problem with more people clearing this content? Does it hurts your ego that more people will experience them and actually do them?

Cause let’s be frank, it’s all about minority complex at this point cause you could literally ask for more difficulity options like (for example) an unleashed Guardian raid for end game.

For me it seems you guys just want this content to be exclusive for the minority of the players so you can feel special about yourself. That’s why none of you see this as a solution.

My only take is
Whoever doesn’t care to learn such basic mechs, doesn’t deserve to be pushed thru.
It might sound cruel, but now guards and abyss of t1,t2 serve as kinda filter. You learn, you progress further, you dont, you stay and complain. After a nerf the same shitbags will die and complain in t3, since in their mindset “t1 t2 was hard, we complained, they nerfed. So same will work with t3, lets complain again”. Call it elitism, ego, whatever, I just want as little as possible of ignorant ppl in actually harder content

this isn’t the problem, if you think people should be rushed to t3 without understanding mechanics and things others have explained here you’re exacerbating a problem to proliferate through the game even harder and then more nerfs come along just because “its too hard” or “couldnt be bothered” mentality, as an example if 4 players understand to take flame fox yoho’s fire breath damage buff, you can delete that guardian in sub5 minutes at min-ilvl across all 4, short of doing that the raid and your damage output greatly decreases because you don’t utilize this mechanic and have to fight the boss exceedingly longer. that’s the BASIC skill difference of knowing what’s happening and learning vs. someone who just turns off their brain and refuses to learn and wastes more of their own time and everyone else’s in their party.
Nacrasena same thing, break his tail it becomes a literal training dummy that you smash on 24/7, prior to that its like a lightning hazard constantly frying off. Nerfing the HP isn’t going to change anything other than people resolving things due to just overpowering a boss via straight damage or some nonsense, like why create mechanics at all then, just make bosses become AFKarena autoattack at that point.

I sure af don’t want to be teaching what weakpoint/destruction is at T3 to randos, that should be an expectation that they know it already, or what a stagger level and hit means on their own skills. At t1 t2 yea its an acceptable expectation that they might not know it, but if T3 is current endgame and you don’t know that stuff that’s mass incompetence right there. Not even a game problem

if i wanted a run of the mill copy game of another MMO and just being a DPS check number and watering down every single class to being a dps check i wouldnt be playing lost ark, the same goes for dealing with boss mechanics that most games don’t offer other than at their VERY end game stage which Lost Ark provides in its early game.

i am at yorn at the moment ^^ but have 6 twinks which i leveld

Daily content is meant to be done daily, this game is meant to be played on 6 characters, i’m not saying we should do these dailies on all of theim as there is the catch up mechanic but atleast your main +1/2 alts to not lose too much through the catch up mechanic.

So 2 chaos + 2 guardians + 3 dailies that’s around 1h(with bifrost) if you don’t get into a muppet pug.(the progression is so random that you can’t keep a group together properly)
This doesn’t take into account that you have other things to do in game.

It’s not about getting everything for free, it’s about valuing players time…

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So let me ask you:
If people wont do this content because they are legacy and basicly not worth doing it is better than the nerfs and the fact that they will actually try and maybe learn them?

Also, my question is: you really want this game to be played by a small, hc and toxic community? I think FFXIV did very well and now look at it.

We are on the same path with these.

If anything, the game max needs more difficulity options and that’s it.

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Talking about mechanics that absolutely nothing is said about in game, that’s the way to go in a game, everything has to be learned off game right :clown_face:

FFXIV has 20million+ playerbase, with a 3.5million concurrent they’re doing incredibly well because their game has tough mechanics and a smooth learning curve from the beginning, poor example from your part cuz I’ve played through there and their community is similar to people assisting and helping people early on and I play on JPN server xferred out of NA because it’s an actual toxic cesspool, the ping lag is SO worth it because the player mentality is willing to engage, fail and learn retry and improve unlike A LOT of here that’s highlighting themselves as nothing of any of those traits.
While Savage isnt necessary to complete in FFXIV there are still other contents available just like Lost Ark, if you don’t want to deal with Guardian raids go do islands instead, I dont understand why someone would sit and complain that guardian raids take too long but I can go make alt and go do una daily tasks that grant similar rewards without the difficult that is brickwalling my progression or do lesser ilvl guardian in the same tier, it’s not like you don’t get rewards if anything you’d kill the guardian faster as well, the difficulty option is there.

If anything like some others have said, they should just write MINIMUM ilvl instead of recommended ilvl on the join guardian raid

uh you’re a joker for sure, if people can’t even be bothered to read their own skills for tooltips on weakpoint, stagger level why would i expect them to read anything else. everyone is smashing G on their keyboard there’s systems and rewards for doing training missions that explain these things and are pointed to the player very early on, it’s not my fault people don’t read like yourself.

like either people are blind or they just aren’t gaming

I was referring to yoho’s breath mechanic, how the fuk are you supposed to know that slacking into aoes = more damage, hue ?