AGS - Please reward your players for sticking through tough times

This game is well-crafted and entertaining, but numerous issues (mostly involving server availability due to a never-ending stream of goldbots) have plagued the game and driven away potential community.

I propose some solutions to this problem, to sate your loyal players and attract new ones.

  1. Lavish your EU players with love and attention. They’re going through high water to play this game and dump money into the community. Reward them. Shower them with nontradable items, a roadmap for fixes, cosmetics. Anything. Give them the treatment they deserve while you root out the goldbots and make Server Transfers possible - they know it will take time, they just want to know you care. This is coming from an NA East player who would have quit by now if I were stuck in EU.

  2. Reward every active player with a new Launch Celebration Gift, just like you sent out the duplicate Founder’s Pack. Just send it. So many loyal players have lost access to this seriously cool gift due to server issues. Your community can either claim their second Terpeion or get a Launch Gift on their actual home server - all with relatively little cost to you, without upsetting in-game economy in the slightest.

  3. Focus your efforts. A Roadmap for fixes and content will keep our minds off the scripters and bots. A viable Server Transfer for your Early Access crowd stuck in overpopulated servers will keep your core community alive. These 2 things - a Roadmap and a Server Transfer solution - will keep your game alive.

A community survives when the admins take care of them, and really make them feel heard. The servers and gold scammers are insane, and we know those problems are unsolvable right now, but we’re willing to stick through it if we can keep having fun.

  • Sun, NA East

while all the other points are good, whats the need for a roadmap? stuff comes when it does and anyway its AGS after all, we know they wont hit their targets so why would they release a roadmap , not stick to it and then get alot of hate. they could easily just say that its in the works and then get alot less hate for taking forever compared to missing a target

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A roadmap is needed due to us having a mixed up version.
We have stuff which are not available while they were available in Lost Ark before the 2.0 patch,
while our version after the 2.0 patch… So players can’t predict, plan their steps. Many of us wanted to play summoner, lancer master, destroyers and etc. and now they are not there. Having a roadmap would allow us to plan our playtime to decide how to proceed with the characters. Yes the game is alt heavy, however knowing when a class is released you can pool more resources in it by planning.

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This game has the potential to be a huge hype train :fire: a roadmap keeps the fire alive, and shows that AGS/Smilegate are committed to improving the experience imo

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i get that but just look at how NW turned out lol, hype on that was huge until AGS screwed the pooch. pre sure that had a roadmap early on

:face_holding_back_tears: trynna stay positive out here ok

I love this game! It really does have the potential to be a successful international MMO. They just have to play their cards right. I’m rooting for them.

Except New world was not released previously in any other region before it came out here.
LA was released in KR and then RU - we know all the classes and etc, even base classes such as destroyer/summoner are missing (mage intro in character creator is a summoner…).
As we have different releases/times a roadmap would help especially to pool resources to mains classes - I still haven’t done my 2nd run of the towers just to keep mats available for Lancer Master to get them up as quickly as possible…

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