AGS, Please start being honest with us when it comes to EU Central Servers

I mean Matchmaking on EUC does not even work at 2 AM when there is no queue. Store is not working. Aura is not working. We are not far away from this being an issue for a whole week and you don’t give any hope that things will get better. So please be honest with us so it may give us a reason to switch Region after all. Is there simply nothing you can do anymore at this point?


They can (maybe not ags, but smilegate), they can reduce the capacity of people on the servers.


Server Transfers need to be a thing.
I don’t want to hear excuses.
This is now beyond a joke.

It’s frankly unacceptable.

If it truly is not possible, there needs to be talks of solutions.
This includes:

  • Recovery of Founders packs.
  • Recovery of Twitch Prime items.
  • Recovery of Powerpasses.
  • Refunding character slots. (since each account is limited)
  • Refunding of any paid packs

If genuine transfers of characters is not possible, that’s something we are going to have to deal with.
Or a possible alternative is to give the possibility of a boost as compensation.

Something needs to be done.
Something needs to be said.


How can they do this when items within the founders packs have been sold on the AH?

My guess is:

Too many people are playing on a VPN so they’re working on implementing a VPN detection and banning the offenders to clear space which may take a while.

There was such an uproar about certain regions not being included that I feel the 20k queue times accurately reflect it. The servers were built with specfic regions in mind, so they only have enough resources to support those regions. If more regions are trying to play it will overload the servers.

The reason you can play on a VPN in other versions of the game RU/KR is simply because they aren’t as populated due to not being in the “new launch” phase.

Just a hunch. Also, just a disclaimer…I’m not supporting this or excusing this, only to figure out a reason why it’s like this.


Easily just cut the losses and give everyone who bought founders packs their packs again.
It’s not like they could magically conjure them out of thin air.
OHH WAIT. They can.


So recover all items that haven’t been sold, and allow items that were sold on to remain? Sounds fair.

Theyve already been honest.
They cant increase server capacity on EUC AT ALL.

The matchmaking stuff is due to the server capacity being overrun at all times of day due to this.

Smilegate dont have the infrastructure to have extra capacity or to have mass-transfers.

They gave us a brand new server region to move to and people are just being incredibly stubborn about it and refusing to just move. (And this coming from someone with 100+ hrs, 400+ilvl, 450 mokoko seeds etc)
The new server works perfectly. No queues, no loss of auras, matchmaking is clean and perfect.

Theyre looking for other solutions but it could take months and might not even be possible.
So either transfer regions or stay in the queues and get on with it.


This is not players’ fault or concern… If there is a biiiiiiig problem, they have to solve it. That’s it.

Economy break, AH problems etc… Players do not need to think about these. They failed at head start very hard. They failed again at F2P launch. They failed server stabilization. They failed at queues.

Now, they should bring some REAL solutions to table.

  • Roster transfer. MUST… People stucked on servers because they spent time on their characters and surely they don’t want to move another server.

  • “”“COMPLETE”"" recovery of founder packs (includes Royal Crystals and sellable skins etc) for people who accepted to play at EUW… Also after gave that complete packs, player data in older region can be erased. For example a player did lots of things and spent some of his/her Royal Crystals. But maybe at EUW, he/she can’t do the same things. OFC they don’t give packs more than he/she deserves. They can just wipe the older data of that player. Then again with same starting crystals, same starting skins, packs people play on new region.

  • etc…


But they should recover complete original founder packs. All skins sellable, same amount of Royal Crystals etc. Only thing they should do is, deleting the old data of that account… Just a real new full beginning.

Now a person who claimed and spent 7k Royal Crystals, plat skins(sellable) normally does not want to move to another server. OFC like I said, older data should be deleted in order to prevent duplication of crystals.

With a smaller founder pack, they can’t persuade much players to move on a new region.

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Honestly, if youre the type of person who already spent 7k Royal Crystals and instantly sold all your plat skins when from DAY ONE we could see the issues coming up, thats on you lmfao.

And clearly, you arent paying attention because of all your constant comments.

They LITERALLY can not raise capacity, transfer your characters or save and transfer data.
Theyve given you (A poor choice tbh) a choice to solve this issue and theyve said they cant help out otherwise, at this point in time.

Just tired of people making threads about AGS being honest when they have already been honest lmfao.


Then I say, IT IS NOT MY PROBLEM… Not yours or players. I know Amazon employees are human too. They can make mistakes. But all players use the product how they want to after buying it. Lots of people sold their Royal Crystals for gold and blue crystals… What is wrong with it ? (And no, I didn’t sell them)

For example you bought a car… Lets say it’s 100K Euros…

Then you realized there is sth wrong with it. They accepted it. But they said they can give a different car worth 25K. Because they said they can’t give the equal…

Do you accept it ? Does this sound meaningful ? If yes, I don’t have any words from now on. If no, now you can see the situation.

Honesty solves nothing at this situation. They should find a fair solution.

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Just Lol.

Ru servers ded so they all come over. is normal

So if they cannot do transfers, why not give a free powerpass to anyone who moves to West within a week, together with the founder pack re-issuing?

Little problems with easy solutions, yet here we are.

The queue doesn’t matter, it is all about the number of concurrent players that are in-game.

If at 2 AM the queues just reached 0, the regions are still “at full capacity” and there will be laggy matchmaking for a while. As a comparison, US East has recently gotten some problem with matchmaking, but not at our scale. They have ~20% less servers in their region (15 vs 19), which means that as long as our EU Central servers are at 80%+ filled capacity, there will be laggy matchmaking.

I’ve wasted almost a week (playing 12-14 hrs a day) just to finish my dailies everyday but 90% of the game just isn’t working, I’m seriously considering quitting but since there’s no way to refund a founders pack it’s almost as if I’m forced to just keep going.
This feels like such a scam. I wonder if any of this is suable like the whole DreamWorld lawsuit.


Imagine being AGS having just released New world and then learning absolutely nothing about server capacity.

Even for lost ark all the signs were there during the 3 day headstart and if they looked at preorder - and they did absolutely nothing to commendate the player numbers and now we cant get a 100% refund for rerolling on EUW and will lose out on at least $40 worth of crystals…

Who ever is doing their number crunching needs to be sacked immediately and whoever the suit is calling the shots need to realise that a 100% refund for deleting and moving to EUW is the only way this situation will be sorted - unless they just want to wait and lose players…

Yes I do care and I am fkin upset.


idk about others but personaly i am reluctant to migrate to EUW ONLY because ive redeemed twitch drops. I dont care about a progress i made, i have only lvl21 sorc, i can easly start over, but i wont because i have unique pets/mount that i dont want to lose. If smilegates or AGS grants twitch drops on EUW i would migrate in the hearthbeat. They can even wipe all chars and data from the eu central.


Im playing since founder launch, rerolled on f2p launch on newly added server. I lost like half of foundepack items. Im not that far in Item Level because im doing map/zone Adventure tome completion which takes way MORE time and patience then simply leveling and grinding item levels. Even if they give server transfers and boosters etc i bet they cant give adventure tome progression thats why i dont want to transfer.

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