AGS please stop punishing players who really love the game

Me and my static team has cleaned Argos P3 for 3 weeks… It feels so boring after everyone reaches 1415. Not challenging at all. Most of the people on the team either spent 700hrs or some cash on the game, and we all love the game! However, there’s no challenging content for us to do in the current version!! Please release Valtan ASAP!! Otherwise we’ll quit the boring game.


Take a break then until Valtan comes out.


May update is coming later this month, and we’re planning to add in quite a few late game bits :slight_smile: details incoming soon!!



Has SG mentioned anything about class pacing or release order?
Or is the plan still to stick to the current schedule?

Both answers are fine tbh

Hell mode valtan on release would be awesome, first hell mode clear would be something to grind for!

massive W

Thank you Roxx!! We’re really looking forward into that!

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Considering Hell Mode needs quite a bit more gearscore to even enter… I don’t think many people will be at that level

this week? QQ

Please release hell mode as well.
It makes no damn sense for people who willing to put hours and $$ in the game just to wait for casual players again and again.

You need those casuals. If they weren’t there, you really wouldn’t be having as much fun playing as you do now.

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This is kind of stupid, if the game doesn’t have content for you then take a break and do something else like literally every other MMO. You did an unusual thing and spent a good amount of money and an insane amount of time (far above normal) and get upset the 700hrs of content wasn’t enough for you. Even the casual f2p players will not be 1415 for Valtan. This game is designed for you to have a good game/life balance. Im in the same boat as you and now i play for a few hours a night (more on weekends) then go play another game or read a book, then ill go hardcore when more stuff comes out. I dont want to feel pressed to hit ilvl every week.


hi Roxx, do you have any notices about regional prices? :grinning:

nah hellmode should come out a few weeks later. Hellmode is fun because people will try to be the first to clear ( obv this is a joke for valtan bec several people did it earlier in other version in the game, maybe someday when we have the same content as korea… i doubt htat will ever happen so ) however i think its not a “fair” race when 0.1% of the people can join it. It has a i lvl barrier no clue why but it has one. If they lower it to 1415 instead of 45 i would agree launch it baby

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Don’t you require hard mode ilvl for hell modes? Even if you require more, it’s fine. It gives people for something to aim for and it’s also harmless since it only gives cosmetics and nothing else.

Appreciate the info but, AGS/You should really stop setting up expectations like that… With the way this community keeps misconstruing your words, I feel like saying less would be best.


Are you serious? When CM’s did exactly that they got flamed hardcore for the zero transparency. Now that they are being way more transparent than you people deserve, you still have shit to say?

Pick one.

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There’s a difference between transparency and teasing…

Teasing “we’re planning to add in quite a few late game bits” does nothing. All it does is hype people up, and the more extremist will start having expectations and will speculate on what the late game bits could be… then people will go around spreading “oh it’s probably this! it’s probably that!”. Then you’ll get disappointment from those people who set themselves up for it.

Transparency/communication = “We are planning to get destroyer out on 3rd week of may, no earlier, but could delay if any issue arises”.

Dont get me wrong, I’m not saying teasing is bad… I’m saying this community is full of idiots that misconstrue everything she says and will start making up their own patch notes and then cry when it’s not what they expected. I dont put the fault on Roxx, I put the fault on the community. Roxx is just giving them the tool to do more complaining.

Edit: I already see some people on discord servers going around and being all “it most likely means the Bridge is getting added or T3 Tower!”

Like no… it “most likely” dont mean anything precisely… This is just another wave of complaints waiting to happen because they expected some huuuuuge addition or something.

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His point is that @Roxx 's response is still misleading to some extent.

That said, I’m sure people are speculating that they’ll probably add more endgame content than was originally planned in the May update (see the responses above speculating about Hell mode).

We don’t need to be detective, we need clear communication.

I remember a post by Roxx (I can’t find it anymore), complaining that people speculate about everything she posts. But to be fair, she’s not doing herself justice by continuing to phrase it that way.

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I mean for the most part that’s what we’ve been receiving - the may update is the first time we’ve gotten loose release date information (which obviously is a more complete version of communicating that information as opposed to waiting until the date is set in stone, most likely weeks later to communicate the information to us) weeks before the content is set to go live.

If you want information well ahead of time, the reality is that the initial communications will necessarily be incomplete as opposed to us just not getting those initial communications at all and only receiving information much closer to release.

Just because the specific info you want clarified or commented on at this moment can’t be, that doesn’t speak to a failure of communication.

If I can choose between getting the info we’ve been getting in addition to getting the detailed information about the patch at the beginning of the release week, vs only receiving the detailed patch info I would much prefer the former.