AGS problem with legendary skin

Readon NA/EU cant bring legendary skin is cause of “gambling nature” and “too expensive”

Here is very simple solution make it non gambling and sell it cheap.

Problem solved.

True reason AGS cant being legendary skin to NA/EU is they havent figured out how to maximize profit without removing RNG in legendary skin.


They’re just too lazy.

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That too.

Pet effect in korea is random in NA/EU it is not so smilegate and ags has the means to get rid of rng nature off of lwgendary skin

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While not incorrect this is likely an issue already solved. The real problem is finding a way to have the skins available with less rng and more affordability while keeping it in line with other regions to not give a very false view of preferential treatment of the AGS version of the game by other regions. If they added the skins in the store for $100 for ex, other regions where people spent upwards of $350 through rng for their set would would be outraged, and they certainly can’t have that negatively impacting their relationship with their Kr player base.

This original post is not at all accurate, and CantConnect has the correct idea. While we are not interested in bringing the system over as is due to dependencies on RNG and potential price, we are still looking for a way that we could distribute these skins to players while respecting concerns about making it feel unfair in comparison to how these skins are obtained in other regions.


RNG Card packs sold in the shop for $81 disagree with you. And btw, they give way more power advantage than the legendary skins.


Imagine if SG told KR players that new content is being held back from coming out to make sure it doesn’t upset the other versions of the game


What data does AGS have that indicates that unlike the rest of the world, people that play this version of the game would not be okay with the original setting, when they have been fine with the basic systems already in place which are already based on predatory monetization?


Your argument is so flawed though.

Just because we have some of those systems in doesnt mean we shud bring more over to the game just because you cant wait until they find a more pleasant way to introduce them.

and also, you can passively get legendary cards. You dont have to pay anything to get them overtime.

On the other hand, you need to pay either with your gold, irl money or blue crystals to get a chance to get the skins with the current system in KR.

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But when you pay real cash you can finish your card set lot faster than people who don’t pay.

So let’s put the cloth in adventure island, challenge Abyssal dungeon, quest reward like card set then sell the items in the shop as well. Problem solved.

“we were excited to introduce a collection of unique looks”

“we are not interested in bringing the system”

make up your mind

As previously mentioned, this has been raised as potentially being a global concern, and we are respecting those concerns that are stemming from regions outside of the West.

Something that is considered better shouldn’t be seen as “preferential treatment”, it should be the norm. They should be outraged because they’ve been getting “scammed” for so long.


Context is key; you are comparing an original announcement post with my direct reply to a poster’s in a thread over 6 months later. We are not bringing the system into the game with the current monetization that it has in other regions, and addressed this last June. This has not changed, and you can still read that post and reasoning in full on our website, here.

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yeah 1 year later…still no idea ? XD


just give us the god damn skins… this is now getting boring …


in 3 month Brel Hard is coming out with ancient relic.

+2% damage is +2weapon honing. Per KR price getting Legendary Skin from AH is bargain compared to trying to get +2 on ancient relic weapon.

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and how come after many months later there’s still no idea about this when the community told you how to bring those skins for us. SELL THEM IN THE STORE!


You don’t know how much I agree with that statement, but you do know that many people don’t actually have that pov, more specifically those who already “got scammed” as you put it and those are primarily, though not only SGR’s main audience(Kr players). Changes can be made as Taiwan’s version increased the drop rate of legendary skins by 2x it’s initial % in Kr, but the system is the same and people will have similar results with minimal revenue loss for the company.

AGS is trying(though not actually since Roxx already said this isn’t even being discussed atm) to have a similar outcome, where a system is implemented that has similar returns(financially) and minimal community impact.


I thought it was from player feedback and unfair advantage because of the damage boost :slight_smile:

Yoz Jar is a garbage gatcha system originally designed to suck money from the MapleStory players who abandoned the game to join Lost Ark. It should have never existed to begin with.

KR/RU got milked. While most people cannot see the forest through the trees here I really do hope AGS does not allow Yoz to make it to the West, or at the least am thankful for whatever EU Region’s gambling laws prohibited it.

You can also complete card packs, fully hone characters and buy all your tripods without ever being forced down a monetization path, or requiring someone else to have spent money for you to leverage with gold.

It might take you 20 years and 5000 hours of grinding, but Honing, Cards, Tripods, Gems, etc all can be accomplished without anyone spending money.

With Yoz and the Cloth, at the very least someone has to buy (with real money) skins to sell to you for gold to dismantle for Yoz rolls. There is an extra step that requires monetization before you can engage in the Yoz Jar. That I believe is the main difference in why Yoz is looked at different than any of the other in-game systems.

Since there is no way in-game to farm the Cloth, the entire system relies on actual spending.

Also it amazes me that players see the word “Legendary” on a skin and think it’s suddenly worth hundreds of dollars. It’s a 5 dollar asset made by the art team in a day, not a full DLC + Expansion for the game.

If SG wanted they could include the damage buff on every skin that comes out with each of these events but they don’t, because they make a disgusting amount of profit having people gambling hundreds to thousands on a 10% chance at 1/5th of a skin.