AGS problem with legendary skin

Can we please even have the puprle skins from it? It sucks so much that we dont have them

Did KR say this is unfair? Well, report THIS IS UNFAIR FOR US:

  • Skin/Character censorig (Shadowhunter and Artist)
  • 2 months of disconnections
  • Performance issues compared to other versions (EAC, fps, load time, etc)
  • Continuous bugs with each patch and delays to fix the most serious ones (This apparently it hasn’t been fixed yet)

Its just some skins, is it really that important to you? For real, its a game. :man_facepalming:

Why not implementing the System and just getting rid of the RNG?
For example:

  • in Korea, the Chance to craft a legendary item is 10% | you can not choose which color you get etc. if im correct
    | so in our version, we could do it like that for a legendary item, you can craft the Item you want at the price of 10 times the materials which a normal skin would cost like.
  • Also reduce the Stats to Epic-Skin stats

This means we pay exactly the same amount of money as koreans and russians do.
Just without Rng.
And the Stats on the Items are the same, which means it deletes the P2W reason.

Deleting the Luck and Badluck factor is by far the most sane and balanced way i can think of.

Hear me out:

-Put them in the game as is, no need to change anything.
-Block access to the items for countries with laws that don’t treat them like adults.

*Follow me for more business advise.

Except Gambling sucks and shouldnt be supported

You don’t have to gamble if you don’t like. People can decide for themselves what they’d like to support.

another thing could be something like a pity system, like teso.
Teso has lootboxes aswell, even straight forward boxes which cant be obtained through gold/currency exchange like in lost ark.
You buy them in the shop for real money and open them.
Why are they allowed?
Because every drop can be dismantled into purple crystals, the amount depends on the rarity, and every rarity in the box has its own fixed price scaling up obviously which can be bought directly in a crystal store.
Gamble Yoz Jar until you have enough crystals to buy them directly.

They can until it becomes an addiction, its a customer trap.
You speakin dull like that, shows that you have not much insight in the whole thing

Whats worse? Baby KR getting mad or a single country in EU that has laws against it getting mad?
Sorry to tell ya netherlands but…

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As someone who loves to collect skins, i really wish they could release them soon.

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People can become addicted to anything. I can have a few beers and stop. Some people can’t. It is what it is. Personal accountability is still a thing even in 2023.

Whatever they do, they just have to DO IT!

Just imagine waiting another year and the AGS’s Board still don’t reach any concensus, by the time they want to release them it will be irrelevant or need to be buffed.

Like that Skeleton Waiting meme.

Okay all accounttability aside.
You really support the whole “i dont know what i get for my money” thing?
You dont see how this is stupid and unfair to the customer? how it is trickin? no? cool

I support the individuals right to spend their money how they wish, so yes. If someone is against the gambling aspect of it they could also wait and purchase the item from the auction house, the same goes for countries that regulate gambling.

People like you are the reasons such systems exist nowadays anywere :slight_smile: and im happy there are so many people workin against this predatory buisness practises. Cause people like you dont think, they just consume and think its fine. You dont get the picture at all.

Hope Yoz stays out of our version forever before it releases as this abusive abomination it is in korea. #Gachasuxx

People like me would have bought one of the skin sets for themselves, and sold another set on the auction house for someone else to buy with gold. Now no one gets the skin, and likely it will remain like this for the foreseeable future.

Let’s say they decide to add the skin in the store, $500 for the set, is that really better?

Thats the issue, they cant simply put the skin set for that price.

Well yes, its better then eventually getting nothing for my money? Its reasonable to know what you get no? Changing the Yoz-Jar to a fixed system without RNG would be worlds better and fairer.

Same question goes back to you, would you rather get the legendary skin for 350 dollars or gamble all that money to a Chance? Sure you could get it then for maybe 100, or maybe for 1000, or maybe not at all right?

Personally, I’d like the choice to be my own.

However If they did decide to add it for an outright $500 I’d be OK with that too, but you’re going to get just as many people outraged that they’d sell a skin for $500. To each their own I guess.

Anyway we’re all just guessing, to be realistic no decision is being made on this anytime soon and they will continue to drag their feet. How many meetings and discussions does it take to come up with a solution? Time will tell.