AGS should release both classes, Lancemaster and Destroyer, on April

As the title says, i think that AGS should release the Lancemaster and Destroyer on April and then realease one o two more classes on May. Because releasing 1 class per month its way too slow, i mean the Lancemaster is some kind of a “new” class on the other regions but the Destroyer was there since the beginning of the game and so we could say that hes quite “old”. Dont take me wrong, ill try both classes but having to wait several months just to try the one that you want its depressing honestly.

What do you guys think?

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It’s really not up to AGS, this is the build that Smilegate sent over. There will always be lag time in between feed back and development builds shipped, tested and installed here in the West, especially with a Korean Dev.

I’m thinking for now they did their best with satisfying folks by getting a highly asked for class released first and in the future we may see more classes released together as Smilegate catches up to feedback.

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