AGS, Thronespire Cheaters freeze time is up

About 3 days after they invented the Destroyer and Guns Thronespire cheat, many of the accounts upgraded to 1302 through PowerPass had already ended their 3-day freeze, and the proceeds of the cheat were already in their accounts ready to be transferred out as soon as the time was up.

What do you think you should do?

If so, why not set a threshold for Thronespire? Why is there such a wide opening for cheaters?

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Cuz it’s a f2p game, even WoW had tons of bots and it wasn’t free

you don’t like the affordable grudge and kbw books? maybe honing books too idr if those also come from throne

Inflation is not what I want

whats wrong with increased income? things are only harder to afford after the bots got banned if you actually play the game. also the thronespire bots aren’t printing gold like they were when they had rapport and masterpieces

I’m curious, how do you manage to increase your income?

do you think bots selling gold to RMTers and then RMTers spending 20mil honing to 1575 just deletes the gold?

if you didn’t notice, the week bots got banned, mats instantly tanked 40% while everything else only tanked 15-20%

20mil honing > 400k in gold books > 200-400k in accessories