AGS transparency policy and Careers

I believe that AGS communication department should be changed completely.

  • They promised to be transparent. Lie
  • They were supposed to improve the game. Lie
  • The Game Has More Bots Than Real Players. This is misleading.
  • While there are so many topics in the forum, they inform the update in the last hours. (How ethical is that)
  • In my opinion, they are guiding people to buy gold with Limited Solar. (Maybe some things work for them. ““BOTS””)

I have this thought here. AGS management sees us very happy. Or the facts are hidden from the administration. Otherwise, when there are so many topics on the forum, there is no big patch this week, how hard it can be to write. If the management team does not know this, open a job posting in the forum and we will come voluntarily.

That’s why I’m asking for someone who is transparent and people with real knowledge can respond to the comments that are good or bad on the forum.

I really love the game. I don’t want to leave. Ilvl 1415+ (I Just Bought the Platinum Package) People are trying to make sure that all their hard work is not garbage. I don’t play the game as much as I used to anymore.

That’s why people with real knowledge need to be in contact with the forum. Is there 4-8 hours of maintenance every week?

Let’s apply to save the game. And let’s write them all down.

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if you worked for amazon before then you probably wouldn’t want to work for amazon

well, i don’t know about the amazon games studio department, but i don’t think the culture would be that different XD

even if you apply for an entry level position, you wouldn’t have any say in how the department operates regardless, by the time you worked your way up to a position where your opinion actually has that kind of pull i suspect you may have outlasted lost ark already .

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