AGS why need survey?

It’s mainly question posted to AGS staff.
Why you need survey asking people why they are leaving?. Are you not reading forums or not getting these amazing feedback messages “I will let the team know” forwarded to you?.
For one year people complain about some terrible decisions, bugs, errors. Years pass and with surprised pikachu face you make surveys asking people why they are leaving… Like are you so clueless or just want to double confirm it’s really the same reason people complained for almost a year now. BTW: says a lot when we get patch notes 1 day prior reset when people complained for 1 year for it now (EU). Says a lot… when 1 year passes and we still get patch notes a day before patch… Will keep you with that to think through.

it’s just some automatic survey request from the korean version that they din’t bother removing, that survey will just be transported to the thrash bin once you hit submit.

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