AGS will publish BLUE PROTOCOL

AGS is publishing blue protocol in North and South America, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand for PC (Steam), PS5 and XSX in 2023.

Blue Protocol Website

Expected Launch: 2nd half of 2023

Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Socials: Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


well, can’t blame bandai namco… if they see the success of loa being always at the top 5 most played games on steam, with 5k positive review in the last 2 weeks, and 300k concurrent users daily, bandai namco be like:

off course they will choose ags as their publishers
stats doesn’t lie, stats matters for future marketing prospect

i pity the fool that keeps saying that those numbers doesn’t matter :rofl:

RIP Blue Protocol :sob:


rip the people that wanted to play it


F there goes my life


generic anime mmo pretty much just a genshin impact / tower of fantasy type of game perfect for the casual gamers on the forums though :).


any games better than this dog game that caters to playing 5-6hs a day to get the gear to keep up (unless ure okay with good enough)


As a reminder… it’s ok to watch from the sidelines before jumping in to see if a game is going ok before committing

but but… fomo…

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I just prefer a game that has good raid mechanics. Lost Ark is about at a medium in terms of good raid mechanics but I like stuff where everyone needs to be assigned a role for MUTLIPLE mechanics throughout a singular boss fight. For the most part raid mechanics on lost ark kinda lack complexity and often can be cheesed / made easier due to battle items.

Seems that AGS wants to be a Mega MMO publisher :smiley:

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F :clown_face:

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They are trying to become the new Gamigo or Aeria Games.

Gigantic F. Yea this is dead on arrival. With how AGS manage New World and Lost Ark, I don’t even think they can or have the actual human resources to even properly monitor the game’s condition properly. This is 210% cash cow.


Agreed, I’m trying the closed beta to see how I feel about it before I pass judgement. The combat seems a tad shallow atm with classes being sparsely presented, but my opinion could change drastically as they reveal more.

I think this will be a better fit for AGS than LA. Bandai Namco is familiar with western releases of their games, so communication will probably be better. The game also doesn’t appear to encourage heavy spending like LA does, so the bots might be less an issue as well. It wants to sell cosmetics, not power. That alone will reduce the demand for botted gold.

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actual servers for OCE this time huh? Not gonna take that bait again :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha you don’t afraid of AGS management but i be scary ( in black list )

bot’s : It’s free real estate

If its easy for botters to set up their bots and they can make profit then there is not a single company who can fight them


Yeah no f that LOL DOCLEAVE

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