AGS woke up real quick when their money maker Mari's shop goes down

If a system goes down that involves AGS losing money they show up very quickly. However when we been complaining about the queues since friday morning they do nada but sleep


A large portion of the game crashed, I would hope they would do something about that.

We are aware of the queues and take that seriously, afterall by your logic, that means people can’t get in to buy stuff :wink:

But what we actually do take seriously is players having access to the game they love, benefits that are on very specific timers that are tied to the shop and purchases they have made.


I unno, bots and such can buy from Mari’s shop too. Money is money regardless of who it comes from when looking at it from a business standpoint

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actually this just mean unless they making money they dont care about us. Took them mins to shut everything up and fix the issue within mins… but screw the rest of the issues, lets fix Mary shop right away… smh lol


Actions speak louder than words.

Mari shop fixed.
Still sitting in a 9k queue after 1.25 hours.


I understand that you personally have no control over the servers being down or the long Q times that happens. But one would say the company took priority over a in-game shop rather than the 4 weeks of High Q times on NA west servers. When you stand back and look at it people have the right to come to these conclusions because the company quickly took action to fix one issue but hasn’t done anything to fix the NA West issue. What good is it to release content, add new features, new events, etc. If you clearly can’t even get into the game to enjoy it. This issue should of been a priority since last month when it was reported that they were back. Until then I guess will sit in a 2 hour Q between the hours of 6am to 6am on a weekly bases until you fix it. Other people have already quit and I can’t recommend this game to anyone unless they can play somewhere else other than here.



It wasn’t just the Mari shop that was fked…Valtan was also messed up for us tonight…He would swap phases and he just wouldn’t move…or do any attacks…

You guys don’t even respond! we been complaining for 3 months of the long queue you guys do nothing but respond , to Class and Friggin Skin posts. for things that may never be in the game. because i honestly doubt this game last this year. the way smilegate treats the West gamers

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To be honest, the current RMT going on makes AGS/SG lose a lot of money that could flow through the in-game shop…

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You have any proof of that? How do you know that they don’t have their fingers in the RMT business? Honest question.

the server queue? you being Deft on purpose?

I call bull on this. I haven’t had access to ranked PVP for months despite begging for any help. Feel free to look yourself

The Mari shop is web based. The rest of the game is not. Of course it is an fast and easy fix, an intern could do that.

I wasn’t debating on how quick of a fix it was. I just found it amusing how they were sound asleep for the past few days and then when Mari’s Shop goes down we got a response and fix in less than 2 hours.

I’m waiting since like march for them to finally fix the time, it’s in UTC+1 while I am in UTC+2… Really annoying