AGS, you have reviewed data, now its time for scouter to come! Tens of thousands of players are waiting!

We love yall, but you cant keep thousands if not hundreds of thousands of players locked away from scouter for so long. Scouter is the most requested class after Lancemaster, he has to come sooner than later!!1

With much and love, lets get our beloved scouter in the game asap :slight_smile:


if the most requested after lancemaster, why on all poll, artist gets more vote? :-°


They would remove scouter if they reviewed the data

Dude, ANOTHER thread??

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he was too close to some artist dude, they got cured from the disease, but he got contaminated in the meantime v_v


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Honey, artist is 3 months old class, others classes have been in years, just accept it shes coming last since Western ark doesnt even play support anyways.

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i don’t care personally about artist
but scouter is factually not the most requested class after glaivier :wink: i did just point this

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I mean, I’m all for Scouter, don’t get me wrong.

But are we really gonna make a thread every time they make an Artist demand thread?
You’ll be making threads all day long in that case.

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Artist wins with what 5-10% more votes? and shes the newest class, so its understandable shes very interesting, but scouter holds such popularity after YEARS in the game, hes deserves his place, hes well expected and awaited, he should be here much sooner than later

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I corrected you sentence, np. :blush:

So does for all missing classes in my opinion.

i advocate for every missing class to come, but when scouter holds such an massive playerbase, he is expected to arrive rather sooner than later, im happy with any class release but he should definitely be here soon enough

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Its not about that, its to make a point, that scouter is still missing from the players, we are a huge majority, not a minority, we need him to come

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Yeah don’t worry I agree with you. Scouter HAS to come.

But let us not sink to the daily Artist threads, that’s all I’m saying.

No Artist requested.
Opinion rejected.

Mate if you think scouter mains wont make threads for scouter, youre wrong, those artist lovers have loved her what? 2 months what shes been out, we’ve been enjoying and loving our awesome scouter for 2 years! Thats unextinguishable love we have for scouter and the forums are gonna know <3


She is coming, stated to be last because shes what 1.5 months old class, while others are for years, so she will come, lets just get the oldies first :slight_smile:

Billions of players are waiting!

No more new classes until the old classes are FIXED (aka zerker sorc and blade).

Keep preaching, king. Don’t let them silence you.

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